Megaman Takes on the Street Fighter Cast in Street Fighter x Megaman, a Free Side-Scroller Releasing on December 17th

By on December 8, 2012 at 12:12 pm

As many of you know, Capcom is currently hosting the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary grand finals in Burlingame, California. And what would a Capcom-sponsored event be without a few exciting announcements? They just revealed that they will be releasing a new Megaman game titled Street Fighter x Megaman, which will see the iconic Blue Bomber duke it out with some of your favorite Street Fighter cast members, including Rose, Blanka, Rolento, Urien, and of course Ryu. He will then receive weapons based off their own powers to use in further stages, much like any other Megaman game.

The game will be released for free through Capcom-Unity on December 17th to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Megaman franchise, so be sure to check out the trailer above and grab the game when it’s released in a couple of weeks!

UPDATE – Screenshots and a description of the game’s origins have been included below, courtesy of Brelston on Capcom-Unity.

Best of all, this is a true collaboration between Capcom and its fans. Singapore superfan Seow Zong Hui (maybe you’ve seen his Dhalsim skills?) approached our own Christian Svensson back at EVO 2012 with the skeleton of SFxMM running on a laptop. Seeing the potential and serendipitous opportunity, Sven shared it with GregaMan and I a week later. We evaluated (aka played to death) it and said uh yeah, this is pretty damn cool. Then it all started coming together.

Further details will come out via interviews and whatnot, but the big takeaway is that we can ring in the 25th anniversary of one of gaming’s most beloved characters with high spirits. I’m kind of beside myself, having been involved with daily build tests and feedback to Zong Hui (who was of course amazing the whole way through). It really is a dream come true for me, as a lifelong Mega-fan. I’ve literally dreamed of this day 🙂

We also have an incredible 8-bit soundtrack from A_Rival, who’s expertly blended SF and MM tunes to create a truly unique body of work. Flash Man mixed with Ryu? Snake Man mixed with Dhalsim? Too cool. This mashup style is also present in the boss battles – if you know how Blanka and Rose behave in SFIV, you’ll have an idea how to approach them in SFxMM.

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