“A Stage Is Worth a Thousand Words,” Gamespot’s Look at Fighting Game Arenas

By on December 7, 2012 at 5:41 am

Gamespot recently posted an interesting article examining fighting game stages, in particular character-specific ones. Editor Maxwell McGee talks about how successfully designed stages can say a lot about a character’s personality. Fighting games aren’t usually known for their story, and even story modes themselves can be lacking. Stages provide much needed characterization that the story does not.

You can read an excerpt from the story below and can catch the full thing over at Gamespot.

Street Fighter: Ryu’s Stage

Calm. Sparse. Traditional. Ryu’s rooftop stage is a perfect representation of the man himself. He is a focused warrior who lives not for worldly possessions but for perfecting his ancient martial art. The arena’s serenity and isolation illustrate Ryu’s elevation of fighting above all other distractions. This is the quintessential stage for the quintessential fighter.

Source: Gamespot

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