SRK Fantasy League Results

By on December 6, 2012 at 4:46 pm

Ultradavid’s great fantasy bracket idea finally pushed me and Ponder over the edge to implement a system we’ve been thinking about for a while: a fantasy league for fighting game tournaments.

So, just in time for Capcom’s tournaments this weekend, I’d like to introduce the the SRK Fantasy League (beta). Here’s how it works

  1. Head to the site and fill in your predictions by making a Challonge bracket
  2. As the tournaments unfold, see how your predictions stack up against everyone else’s
  3. Profit*

*Disclaimer:  There is no profit.  So far we are just testing the waters.  If this takes off, we plan on implementing some way of redeeming points you win in the league for goodies and prizes.

If this is the kind of thing you’d like to see more of , the best way to show it is by participating.  So, head to the beta site and enter your predictions by this Saturday!

Update!  Win an Evo Fightstick!

We will be giving away one Evo 2012 Fightstick to the league member with the highest overall point total across all four tournaments!  The winner can choose either a PS3 or XBox stick.


Update!  Top 10 Rankings

Here are the top 10 finishers in our first fantasy event.  Congrats to Reborn_Hitman11, who wins the Evo Fightstick of his choice.

  1. Reborn_Hitman11′, 1600 pts
  2. poke133′, 1310 pts
  3. Iceymitsu’, 1290 pts
  4. LeXiNgToN87′, 1260 pts
  5. theptr’, 1260 pts
  6. xecretxauce’, 1240 pts
  7. Erawan555′, 1230 pts
  8. whsiao’, 1180 pts
  9. bakedninja38109′, 1170 pts
  10. C_O_I_L’, 1150 pts

In 2012 we’ll take the SRK Fantasy League forward, covering more events with more prizes. Thanks to everyone who participated in the beta!