Sackboy Nerfs, Network Performance Improvements, Medusa’s Gaze Item, and More Heading to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale in 1.02 Patch Early Next Week

By on December 2, 2012 at 5:11 pm

Community manager Daniel “Clockw0rk” Maniago recently took to the SuperBot Entertainment blog to discuss a few of the changes heading to the week-old PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale in their 1.02 patch. The list includes improvements to the online experience as well as a few nerfs for LittleBigPlanet mascot Sackboy. This update was compiled thanks to feedback from the community, so be sure to continue sending your constructive criticism to SuperBot and contribute to further updates in the future.

We’ve included the entire list of changes below, but you can also visit the official blog post to read up on the 1.02 patch. Maniago mentions that the patch will be going live sometime early next week, and Screw Attack’s Ryan Conway posits that this could possibly mean Tuesday, December 11th.

  • A new item, Medusa‚Äôs Gaze, has been added to the game
  • View Invites has been added to the Party Bar Menu
  • Voice chat icon added to loading screens
  • AI logic enhancements
  • Network performance improvements
    • Issue where players were stuck with a different character than the one picked has been addressed
    • Issue with matchmaking in regards to player skill has been addressed
    • Overall improvements to network connectivity
  • Sackboy changes
    • Level 1 Super – Increase cost from 100 to 150 AP
    • Level 2 Super – Increase cost from 325 to 400 AP
    • Level 3 Super – Increase cost from 600 to 750 AP
    • Jam Session (Neutral Triangle) – Reduced AP generation from 25 down to 10 AP
    • Cakeinator (Neutral Circle) – Reduced AP generation from 25 down to 20 AP

Source: SuperBot Entertainment via Screw Attack (tip via BIGWORM)