PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Video Round-Up (11/29)

By on November 29, 2012 at 8:28 am

Persona starts us off today with a Nariko combo video. Each combo triggers AP burst and generates about 150 AP on average.

KombatTime22 shows us that Nariko can push her AP gain even further, scoring 220 AP in one combo. However, the combo does utilize a hit after a knockdown so it may be possible to roll out of it.

Toomuchbob also breaks the 150 AP barrier with Dante by using several empty cancels in a row to earn 175 AP.

Interested in how to empty cancel back to neutral with Dante? Diplomat1080p‘s tutorials will show you how.

AdiuroFGC has put together a Raiden combo video showing off simple BnBs and ways to combo into his Lvl 1.

Finally, CLASHTournaments brings us several videos including a Sweet Tooth combo video, and three move-set videos detailing Kratos, Parappa, and Fat Princess.

Sources: Persona, KombatTime22, Toomuchbob, Diplomat1080p, AdiuroFGC, CLASHTournaments

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