Mortal Kombat – How to Toasty Boost by TestYourMight

By on November 29, 2012 at 3:20 pm

The Toasty Boost is a little known technique in Mortal Kombat 9 that gives you a full meter if you input a series of commands when Dan Forden says his iconic “Toasty!” quip randomly in a match. The Toasty Boost can be activated by either character, regardless of who activated the toasty, and can be used while in hit-stun or block-stun. 16 Bit used this technique to score a victory over Perfect Legend in the finals at Console Combat a few days ago. It has recently been deemed tournament legal by Tom Brady over at TestYourMight, and so TYM has provided the entire Toasty Boost list, as the commands for activating it differ for each character. Study up on your Toasty Boosts and maybe you’ll end up using it in a tournament finals match one day!

The Complete Toasty Boost List!

  • Baraka — U,U,D,3
  • CyberSub — D,D,D,1
  • Cyrax — U,U,D,1
  • Ermac — U,U,D,2
  • Freddy — D,B,D,3
  • Jade — D,B,D,3
  • Jax — D,D,D,4
  • Johnny Cage — D,D,U,1
  • Kabal — D,D,U,2
  • Kano — F,F,B,3
  • Kenshi — F,B,D,3
  • Kitana — F,F,B.4
  • Kratos — B,B,D,2
  • Kung Lao — F,F,B,1
  • Liu Kang — F,F,B,2
  • Mileena — B,B,F,3
  • Nightwolf — B,B,F,4
  • Noob — B.B,F,1
  • Quan Chi — B,B,F,2
  • Raiden — D,B,D,3
  • Rain — B,B,D,3
  • Reptile — D,B,F,3
  • Scorpion — D,B,F,1
  • Sektor — D,B,D,1
  • Shang Tsung — D,D,F,3
  • Sheeva — D,D,F,4
  • Sindel — D,D,D,1
  • Skarlet — B,D,D,3
  • Smoke — D,D,F,2
  • Sonya — B,B,D,3
  • Stryker — B.B,D,4
  • Sub Zero — B,B,D,1

Source: TestYourMight

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