Skullgirls Slightly Different Edition Black Friday Video Roundup (11/23)

By on November 23, 2012 at 3:45 pm

Why would you brave the Walmart’s and Best Buys of the world on Black Friday when Lab Zero Games gave you a comprehensive update to Skullgirls for free? Well, if you are out Black Friday shopping today, remember to pushblock!

UzumakiheroShinitobi evolved his trick to keep your dash momentum during Parasoul’s head stomp into this peculiar loop. It doesn’t trigger the IPS, but it does seem to loop back into itself. It’s slightly impractical and as of now it’s uncertain as to whether or not it can go on forever due to the pushback that already exists. However, it does make for a powerful multi-overhead during mix-ups.

duckator shows off some new Filia combos that utilize air-ball canceling.

2zWaddleDee show off a simple air-ball cancel combo that DHCs into Double. Double then gets combo of choice after Furoboros and can DHC back into Filia by using the Swagin Wagon.

Finally, Guitalex2007 has posted a whopping 4 videos. The first two show off Ms. Fortune Touch of Death combos in a 1v3 and 1v2 matchup.

His next video shows off how to correctly pushblock guard cancel, a new ability added in the patch.

His final video shows off what Ms. Fortune can do against a heavy zoning peacock at full screen.

Sources: UzumakiheroShinitobiduckator2zWaddleDee, Guitalex2007

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