PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Video Roundup (11/23)

By on November 23, 2012 at 6:05 pm

Superbot’s much awaited party fighter, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has finally released, and members of the fighting game community are pushing it’s combo system to the limit… quite literally. Combos that build too much AP simply cause your opponent to burst out, limiting maximum AP gain to around 140 per combo.

Persona shows us all that he is the true God of War!


Been a pretty big fan of the God of War series for awhile now and always wanted to make some sort of combo video for Kratos so the chance has finally arrived. The combo system for the game is easy to get into so that’s a great thing for people who aren’t so good in terms of execution. Not sure how much depth there is in the combo system but Kratos is a pretty simple character. I aim for the most damage therefore some hits in the combo might not be practical. If you want to practice the combos, just take out the impractical hits (you should know which ones).


01) PaRappa: 1-1-d1, 1-1-2, f1, jpc 1-1-1

02) Fat Princess: jp 2, 1-1-2, u1 (hold 1), jpc 1-1-1

03) Sackboy: jp d4, f1, f1, jpc 1-1-1

04) Nathan Drake: jp 2, 1-1-d1, f2, f1, jpc f1

05) Big Daddy: jp 2, 1-1-d1, u2, f1, jpc u2

06) Heihachi: d4, dash 1-1-d1, u4, u1 (hold 1), jpc 1-1-1

07) Dante: d4 (charge), d4, 1-1-d1, 1-1-2, f1

08) Sweet Tooth: jp 2, 1-1-d1, 1-1-d1, u1 (hold 1), 1-1, jpc 1-1-1

AllStarArena shows off some swanky Raiden combos including lvl1 and 2 kill combos.

j8slim has put together some combos videos for Heihachi, Fat Princess, and Big Daddy complete with notes.

The first of the Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale combo vids I plan on putting up.  I really hate typing that name.

Heihachi is way more fun than I thought he would be, and he’s pretty damn effective.  A lot of the stuff I use in the combos can be interchanged with other stuff.  Still surprised to see the man with his Electric Wind God Fist.  Another name I hate typing.  He also has his Demon Thrust, if I remember the name right.  His double palm strike, by hitting Attack 3, and Attack 1 IMMEDIATELY afterwards.

As far as fighting with him, his range sucks on his moves compared to most of the cast, so it can get difficult fighting multiple people at once.  But if he isolates someone, he’s pretty much set.

His supers are good too.  His level 1 hammer fist gets the job done, and can be comboed from his electric charge’s dash punch.  Horrible range though.  His level two is one of the best in the game from what I’ve seen so far.  Kuma pops up, and auto-targets enemies with a variety of moves, AND functions as a shield.  Watched him run through Radec’s sniper shots, eat the hit box, and promptly murder him.  His level 3 instantly kills everyone once, full screen, and as far as I’ve seen it can’t be dodged.

The first character I had my eye on, since I first learned of the characters.  She’s as difficult as I hoped she would be, but still fun to use.

Her supers are pretty standard.  Her level 1 has her dashing forward towards a piece of cake.  The speed and range for it is pretty good, only issue is when it’s activated, there’s a dotted line outlining her path.  Anyone paying any attention can easily dodge it.  Her level 2 puts her riding a huge chicken, and you can control it, and manually attack enemies as you approach them.   Her level 3 engulfs the screen in helpers and explosives, and can net you a lot of kills, but it seems like it would be more/less effective depending on the stage you’re in.

Her Attack 1 strikes have awesome range, and can fend off most people easily that need to be close.  not too combo friendly individually, but work for any standard use.  Attack 2 isn’t bad, but are pretty situational.  If they hit properly though, they are extremely potent.  If use mash out her standing Attack 2, she gets a tiny bit of armor, and can clear everyone off of you in a pinch.  Her Attack 3 is what makes her unique.  Different helpers will do various attacks, and none of them change Princess’ animations at all.  Only thing is, you can only use them while she’s in a neutral state.  Not during attacks, or getting hit.  Outside of not using during attacks, and not being able to place them around the screen, she functions a bit like Carl from BlazeBlue, or similar to having Marvel vs. Capcom assists.  Using these properly can get you some ridiculous combos, help you get in on some characters, or just cover your ass when you need it.

Big Daddy is pretty fun too mess around with.  He’s got his Attack 3 plasmids that help his crappy range for all but his standing Attack 1 attacks.  His Attack 2 strikes are also very helpful, and will probably be used for a lot of his attacks from people who haven’t fully learned him yet, mainly because of them being awesome.

His level 1 super is ass.  ASS.  The attack area is small, you’ll miss people in front of you almost every single time, and I have yet to find a good use for it.  His level 2 speeds him up greatly, but his attacks stay the same, except for his plasmids changing.  Much better than level 1.  Level 3 floods the stage with water, and everyone has to swim around to avoid him, slowly, while he moves at full speed.  Pretty good, can get you plenty of kills if you start it close to everyone else.

His movement speed is just okay, nothing too special without using his forward+Attack2.  For the most part though, you can let people come to you, and just punish them with plasmids, or his attack 1 moves if they get close enough.

Finally, everyone’s favorite Nicholas Cage impersonator, Maximilian, has posted two videos going over some PSABR trials for Dante and Raiden.

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