An Open Letter to the Darkstalkers Resurrection Team

By on November 19, 2012 at 6:31 pm

Dustloop moderator Kyle Wattula has written an open letter to the team behind Capcom’s upcoming re-release bundle Darkstalkers Resurrection. The letter details features that the Vampire Savior community would like to see in the game. He’s posted the letter to Capcom-Unity, and has also made it available in PDF format.

His goal is to see if the rest of the Vampire Savior community is on the same page as him, and hopefully raise the development team’s awareness of what the community wants from the remake. We’ve included the entire letter below, so feel free to check it out and let us know if it’s in line with your own expectations for Darkstalkers Resurrection.

Dear Capcom/Iron Galaxy,

The competitive Vampire Savior community is providing a list of needs and wants. We have collaborated with intentions of allowing VS:R developers to have full knowledge of our request. We understand that this product is catered towards a larger fan-base as well as the competitive scene. Please consider these options.


– [Highest Priority] Arcade perfection, including Turbo#3 as default option for game speed

– Input History display: for replays of local & on-line matches

– Disable START during play. Make it for continuously holding the start button will activate pause.

– REMATCH feature for local versus matches

– Hit-box viewer in training mode

– Include Frame data at the main menu. This information is available on-line, for free.

– Replay feature to have a SLOWMOTION application

– Replay feature to have a Hit-box viewer application

– Button mapping at character select screen

– Well implemented training mode w/ record/playback options, input display etc.

– Fetus of God stage: Either correct the stage length to be standard or ban on Netplay


– Character Select: Include Shadow, Oboro, Dark Gallon as a selectable character, no input codes

– Stage select: include Iron Horse, Fetus of the God, VSAV 2 stages

– Input training for command supers & execution heavy BnB’s: catered challenges

– Record/Save local matches

– Color Edit Mode

– Switch to JP character names. Zabel, Bulleta, Lei-Lei, Phobos, Gallon, etc.

– End of match stat sheets: # of guard cancels, damage outputted, number of times hit/combo’d/hit high or low, meter gained/used. White/red damage dealt, throws/throw techs count tally added, and all match data to be saved w/ replays for Youtube uploads.

Our scene believes the best way to increase the player-base is to present matches as sorted & detailed data. Stat sheets & player sheets help build a virtual reputation and bring the competitive fighting scene much closer to an “E-sport” mentality.

Thank you

Sources: Capcom-Unity, Kyle Wattula, tip via Ailerus

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