SSFIV AE Ver.2012 – Cammy Safe Jump Set-up against Zangief by Alioune

By on November 9, 2012 at 12:44 pm

France’s Cammy specialist Alioune has uploaded a video showing off a safe Cannon Strike set-up from Cammy’s back throw that literally beats all of Zangief’s wake-up reversal options. The set-up used creates a true blockstring, so if Zangief blocks the Strike, he can’t use reversal Quick Double Lariat to interrupt the string. Reversal Double Lariat and Quick Double Lariat are both stuffed during start-up by the Strike, producing a counter-hit. A reversal EX Atomic Suplex will armor through the Strike but triggers before Cammy actually lands, whiffing. Finally, Reversal EX SPD, EX Banishing Flat and backdash all lose to an option-select Cannon Spike, or, as shown in the video, Ultra Combo 1.

Source: Alioune YouTube Channel, image via ExtraGuy