Persona 4 Arena – “#VOTE4SKD,” a Yu Narukami Combo Video

By on November 8, 2012 at 9:21 pm

During the recent election frenzy, many set their sights on the fighting game community and hypothesized on who deserved to lead us should the need arise. While an overall leader was discussed most frequently, individual subsets of the genre were overlooked in favor of the bigger picture.

Enter SKD (aka Super Kawaii Desu, aka Kaqn’s Son, aka AMERIKAQN, aka SK2DGOD), who has launched his campaign for the ambiguous “Figurehead of the Anime FGC” position with a brand new Persona 4 Arena combo video featuring none other than Yu Narukami and all his main character style. Have you felt your combo video viewing sessions become stale over the past few months? Then look no further than #VOTE4SKD. Use the hashtag to its fullest and spread the word of Yu’s 2D.

Source: Jourdal, tip via Mash That 5A