Skullgirls Patch Clears SCEA Testing, Mike Z Explains Netcode Changes

By on November 6, 2012 at 1:47 pm

For a while now, Skullgirls fans have been upset with the relative lack of info about the status of the upcoming patch. Well, Skullgirls community manager Peter Bartholow has come forward with a present for you all. According to Bartholow, the Skullgirls patch has been submitted to both Sony and Microsoft and has currently received SCEA (Sony America) approval. The patch still needs to get SCEE (Sony Europe) approval before it comes out on the PS3 and Microsoft’s approval before it comes out on the Xbox 360.

In addition, Mike Z has given us a bit of insight on how the GGPO netcode for Skullgirls will be changing post-patch.

Current GGPO considers itself “behind” the other player when your network lag is above 8 frames (133 ping) even with a lag spike, so it slows the game down above that as it tries to “catch up”. What this means in practice is that even though it’s GGPO and is able to do rollbacks, you generally get slowdown instead of rollbacks since the lag range for a rollback rather than slowdown is very small.

Patched GGPO considers itself “behind” when the lag is above 14 frames (233 ping) and can handle lag spikes because of the larger buffer, so it doesn’t slow the game down unless the ping is really ridiculous for a while. What this means in practice is that lag causes rollbacks rather than slowdown, the way GGPO is supposed to work. We tested CA to NY, with one person on wireless even, and it was just like offline…except when someone went on Facebook. :^)

In addition, there may be another important Skullgirls announcement coming up after the patch is released. Mike was asked what the Reverge team does while waiting for the patch and his response was for us to wait until after patch is released to ask that. Apparently there is something nifty (though Mike said he wouldn’t exactly call it “interesting”) that the team is working on, but it’s not yet the right time to reveal it. Feel free to draw your own conclusions from there.

Source: Mike Z, Ravidath on the SRK forums

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