Publisher Zen United Discloses 2012 Release for Persona 4 Arena in Europe “No Longer Possible”

By on November 5, 2012 at 9:38 am

The official Persona Europe Facebook account recently posted some bad news for European Persona fans. Unfortunately, a 2012 Persona 4 Arena release does not appear to be in the cards. The game has been delayed with no concrete release date, as the EU master build is not yet complete. In addition, the game will not be localized into individual region languages in order to assure a faster release.

According to the Facebook account, European fans will be getting “something nice” to make up for the wait, though what this bonus is won’t be revealed until a new release schedule is determined.

Source: Persona Europe Facebook

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  • Eben Amadeus Selker

     It IS a really fun game. Shockingly fun. Even the button-mashiest of players will often admit that it is pretty dang easy to pick up too. The characters are often really funny too. I guess I feel like the game’s considerably less broken overall compared to P4A, even if Chizuru is almost Wesker-tier and Sasara can just mash one move all day.
    Now, if only AquaPlus and Examu found a high-position publisher and put it “officially” on the USA market, it’d be getting the fame it deserves. 🙂 But really, though, it’s really a blessing in this case that all PS3’s can play all regions of games made for it, regardless of origin… except for P4A.

  • Kenneth Richardson

    “Almost”. Besides, Persona Arena is region locked, so importing it wouldn’t do Europeans any good. Settle down. 

  • I commend your dedication because the wait has definitely and surely killed all the hype around my town…