EXAMU Cup ~Ai no Saiten 2012~ Online Arcana Heart 3 Tournament Day 3 Streaming Live

By on November 3, 2012 at 11:50 pm

GODSGARDEN is collaborating with Arcana Heart developer EXAMU to deliver a 3-day Arcana Heart 3 online tournament event in Japan, “EXAMU Cup ~Ai no Saiten 2012~ (“Love Festival”), from November 2-4.

Tournament Details
  • November 2 (Fri) – Pre-EXAMU Cup Tournament (32 player upper limit) 9PM JST (8AM EDT, 5AM PDT)
  • November 3 (Sat) – Online Tournament (X360) 5PM JST (4AM EDT, 1AM PDT
  • November 4 (Sun) – Online Tournament (PS3) 5PM JST (3AM EST, 12AM EST**)
  • *Tournament winners will not be able to participate in the following days
  • Format – Single-elimination, best 2 of 3 game matches
  • Game settings – All on default
  • Character restrictions – none; character-lock, Arcana change allowed
  • Prizes – Wonderful prizes being prepared for each day (11/2 only will have an unusual prize)
  • Commentary (play-by-play) – GGP Kami chang
  • Commentary (analysis) – Danchou
  • StreamNiconico Live GODSGARDEN Community

**Daylight Saving Time ends in the US on Sunday November 4 at 2AM, shifting US time an hour behind Japan time, which is constant through the year.


Day 1 Tournament (PS3) – 32 players maximum

Day 2 Tournament (360)

A Block
B Block
C Block
D Block


As mentioned above, the EXAMU Cup will be streamed by GODSGARDEN on Nico Live. The final day tournament is currently live. If you’re a fan of the Arcana Heart series, don’t miss out on this Arcana festival!

A, B Block Streamhttp://com.nicovideo.jp/community/co339271 – Click red button to view stream
C, D Block Stream – http://com.nicovideo.jp/community/co1523489


Arcana Heart 3

Day 2 Tournament (360)

1. Kyamei (Akane)
2. VJsigsig (Fiona)
3. ABo (Petra)
3. Himanji (Nazuna)
5. KAKO (Petra)
5. Buchi (Yoriko)
5. Dis (Clarice)
9. Yukkii (Fiona)
9. Peso (Scharlachrot)
9. Aitsu (Zenia)
9. Daidouji Godan (Kira)
9. Kouya Daisuki Nanashi-san (Konoha)
9. Nonbee (Zenia)
9. Shinku (Clarice)
9. Raboo (Kira)

Grand Finals

VJsigsig (Fiona) vs. Kyamei (Akane)


VJsigsig (Fiona) vs. ABo (Petra)
Kyamei (Akane) vs. Himanji (Nazuna)

A Block Finals

VJsigsig (Fiona) vs. KAKO (Petra)

A Block Semi-finals

VJsigsig (Fiona) vs. Yukkii (Fiona)
KAKO (Petra) vs. Peso (Scharlachrot)

B Block Finals

ABo (Petra) vs. Buchi (Yoriko)

B Block Semi-finals

Aitsu (Zenia) vs. ABo (Petra)
Daidouji Godan (Kira) vs. Buchi (Yoriko)

C Block Finals

Dis (Clarice) vs. Kyamei (Akane)

C Block Semi-finals

Dis (Clarice) vs. Kouya Daisuki Nanashi-san (Konoha)
Nonbee (Zenia) vs. Kyamei (Akane)

D Block Finals

Himanji (Nazuna) vs. INUBANCHOU (Fiona)

D Block Semi-finals

Himanji (Nazuna) vs. Shinku (Clarice)
Raboo (Kira) vs. INUBANCHOU (Fiona)

Day 1 Tournament (PS3)

Maximum of 32 players.

1. SENGOKU (Petra)
2. Jamanouchi-kun (Yoriko)
3. FEEBE (Petra)
3. Takino (Weiβ)
5. Kudere (Fiona)
5. Ino (Clarice)
5. Hata (Elsa)
5. RaiN (Lieselotte)

Grand Finals

Jamanouchi-kun (Yoriko) vs. SENGOKU (Petra)


Jamanouchi-kun (Yoriko) vs. FEEBE (Petra)
Takino (Weiβ) vs. SENGOKU (Petra)

Top 8

Jamanouchi-kun (Yoriko) vs. Kudere (Fiona)
Ino (Clarice) vs. FEEBE (Petra)
Hata (Elsa) vs. Takino (Weiβ)
RaiN (Lieselotte) vs. SENGOKU (Petra)

Sources: GODSGARDEN, EXAMU official EX-BLOGNiconico Live GODSGARDEN Community