Team NINJA Clarifies Direction for Future Dead or Alive 5 Balancing

By on October 31, 2012 at 11:12 am

Recently, Team NINJA began requesting player feedback regarding potential future balance updates for Dead or Alive 5. Today on Twitter, the developer gave a statement clarifying the direction they hope to take the game.

As I mentioned last week, I’d like to explain the direction for balancing things moving forward.

Please keep in mind that we’re still considering what exactly to update, but this should give you an idea how we’re thinking.

Direction 1: As a rule, we are not going to do anything that makes all of your practice up to now pointless.

Direction 2: Bug fixes are included in this consideration.

Direction 3: We will not change the concept and importance of keeping each character’s individuality.

Rather than kill personality to make everyone the same, we’ll strengthen the weak characters to make a fair fight.

Direction 4: I will tweet questions about certain aspects to get your feedback.

We will consider your responses carefully when we make our final decisions.

Please use the hashtag #DOA5_balance so we can keep track easily

So that’s it! This will apply to all territories around the world, so we need to be really careful how we proceed.

Also, the content and timing of the update is still being considered. We will let you know when those are set.

I know a lot of people will want to deal with online issues first, so I’ll touch on that a little here.

We will deal with bugs as soon as we find the cause, and we definitely want to improve the overall experience.

Different staff members handle bugs and balance, so we can deal with both aspects at the same time.

One more request…

If you don’t agree with someone’s opinion, talk about it! Discuss things (fight?) amongst yourselves!

Use whatever language your feel comfortable in. Japanese, English, whatever! Get ready…FIGHT! (or tweet or…)

So that there is no misunderstanding, please write the reason of your suggestion about balancing (not bugs).

As mentioned above, if you have an constructive criticism for the development team, use the Twitter hashtag  #DOA5_balance.

Source: Team NINJA Twitter