ChrisG Parting Ways with FingerCramp, Heading to PDP’s Afterglow Elite

By on October 24, 2012 at 5:13 pm

The FingerCramp crew recently released a video with a big announcement regarding Christopher “ChrisG” Gonzalez and his future with the organization. Having recently been offered a sponsorship with Performance Designed Products as part of their Afterglow Elite team, Chris will be amicably leaving FingerCramp as they both move on to pursue separate goals.

This acquisition is the latest in a string of signings by AGE that includes Fanatiq, Knives, Vangief, Snake Eyez, Flash Metroid, and Romance. We would like to congratulate Chris and PDP on their partnership and wish them all the luck in the future. You can check out this announcement, as well as a look into what FingerCramp has in store for their future programming, below.

Source: FingerCramp, featured image via Karaface