BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma – Mu-12 and Nu-13 to be Time-Release Characters, Screenshots Released

By on October 23, 2012 at 12:41 pm

While you might already know of μ-12’s and ν-13’s presence in the upcoming BLAZBLUE CHRONOPHANTASMA, Famitsu recently published an article with quite a bit of extra detail, including the announcement that the two characters will be time-release.

Famitsu also uploaded a large gallery of screenshots on the two characters, showcasing the Drives, special moves, Overdrives, Distortion Drives (with and without Overdrive active) and Astral Heats (where applicable) for both characters. Translated descriptions have been included below each image set.

μ-No.12- (Mu)

“I want… to become… stronger!”

Noel, awakened as the successor of the true Azure. She is the ultimate Boundary Interface Prime Field Device. As the “Sword of the God-Slayer Kusanagi”, she was created for the sole purpose of destroying the Master Unit, which lies in the Boundary. Ragna saves Noel however, returning her to her former self. Now to save her close friend, she begs Rachel to show her how to control this power.

Height: 157cm
Weight: 48kg
Birthday: January 7 (Day of her creation)
Bloodtype: A
Birthplace: The 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi
Hobbies: Writing poetry (which she shows to absolutely no one), mail orders (so she can avoid people)
Likes: Cute things
Hates: Bugs (Especially those with many legs)
Drive Name: Steins Gunner
CV: Kanako Kondou

Mu’s Drive “Steins Gunner”, She sets bits in space, from which beams of light are released after a fixed period. Because her fighting style revolves around her Drive abilities, she can be said to be an unusually technical character.

Mu’s normal attack. The hit effects have been redone.

“Ikutachi”, a new special move where Mu charges forward while kicking the opponent upward. When combined with her Drive attacks, she can unleash powerful offense from anywhere on-screen.

Mu’s Overdrive “Steins Gazer.” On top of firing a beam immediately after setting a bit, the placed bit also automatically fires a beam, strengthening her fighting!

The Distortion Drive “Omohikane”.

“Omohikane” with Overdrive activated.

The Distortion Drive “Yata no Kagami”.

“Yata no Kagami” with Overdrive activated.

Mu’s Astral Heat.

ν-No.13- (Nu)

“Beginning extermination of the target.”

While she was supposedly destroyed at the end of a fierce battle with Ragna the console version of BLAZBLUE CALAMITY, she once again returns as a payable character. Seeking to fuse with Ragna, ν-No.13- revives of her own will. Hazama calls her the “Sword of Hades.” She is re-tuned by Hazama, and once again stands in Ragna’s way.

Height: 155cm
Weight: 45kg
Birthday: 12/31
Bloodtype: Unknown
Birthplace: The 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi
Hobbies: Thinking of Ragna
Likes: Ragna
Hates: Everything
Drive Name: Sword Summoner
CV: Kanako Kondou

Nu’s Drive “Sword Summoner”. It’s a ranged attack ability where Nu fires swords from the air. If you master this projectiles, you can easily defeat opponents without letting them close in!?

With the special move “Face Lift”, Mu can change modes. Her moves differ depending on the mode.

The new technique “Supra Rage”. It’ an anti-air move where Nu retreats while attacking the opponent above her.

Nu’s Overdrive “Unlimited Drive”. The number of swords in her Drive attacks increase, overwhelming the opponent.

The Distortion Drive “Legacy Edge”.

“Legacy Edge” with Overdrive activated.

The Distortion Drive “Calamity Sword”.

“Calamity Sword” with Overdrive activated.

Arcade Version Story – Noel Vermilion

A former soldier of the Librarium. A member of the noble “Vermilion” family. She feigns cool-headedness but in actuality carries a lonely side to her. She is extremely shy of strangers however, and struggles to build relationships with those close to her. Outside of her exceptional combat abilities she is unusually clusmy, and boasts murderous cooking abilities.

Height: 157cm
Weight: 48kg
Birthday: December 25
Bloodtype: A
Birthplace: Switzerland
Hobbies: Writing poetry (which she shows to absolutely no one), mail orders (so she can avoid people)
Likes: Cute things
Hates: Bugs (Especially those with many legs)
Drive Name: Chain Revolver
CV: Kanako Kondou

With Mu and Nu appearing in the game, how does Noel’s story unfold!?

Noel has fled to the land of Ikaruga. In order to save her friend Tsubaki Yayoi, who has been brainwashed by the Sealed Weapon Izayoi, and to obtain “power”, Noel faces her “self”….

VS Amane: The scouting Amane, who mistakes Noel for a crossdressing boy.


 VS Rachel: Who is it that faces opposite of Noel!?

After the fight with Rachel, the one that faces her is…!?
Confirm the story’s conclusion by playing!

Source: Famitsu