YUBIKEN Cup Tournament Results

By on October 12, 2012 at 10:25 pm

Fighting game group YUBIKEN will be hosting its first tournament this Saturday, October 13 in Tokyo. The tournament, YUBIKEN CUP, is a SSFIV: AE Ver.2012 12-team 3on3 competition featuring a 30,000 yen (~380 USD) cash prize for the winners, sponsored by the restaurant Kamiariduki.

As for the tournament format, the 12 teams will be broken into 4 blocks of 3. The 3 teams in each block will face off in a round-robin league, with the top team from each advancing to the finals league.

Zhi, the ever-so-provocative member of Cross Counter Asia, will be attending the event as a commentator:

EVO 2012’s swaggest commentator, Zhi currently produces content for the premiere fighting game network Cross Counter TV.

Currently in search for a ChocoBlanka-type arcade girlfriend, Zhi has come to Japan for several months. While he has yet to meet her, he did encounter Karipaku on YUBIKEN. He is attending Keio University as an exchange student until January, writing a thesis on video games. Currently accepting rave reviews from female gamer girlfriends!

His favorite commentator is “Aaru.”

Zhi will be joined on commentary by YUBIKEN member and skilled female Cody player Karipaku.

Below is the the entry list for the YUBIKEN CUP, featuring some of Japan’s most talented SFIV players. The tournament will be streamed on TwitchTV at http://www.twitch.tv/yubiken and begins at 2PM JST Saturday in Japan, 6AM BST in the UK, and 1AM EDT, 10PM (Friday) PDT in the US. Don’t miss it!

Your Girlfriend’s Favorite Players
Kim1234 (M.Bison)
Y. (Cammy)
KUROKEN (Dudley)

30000 yen Pocket Money
ACQUA (Cammy)
Super Santaro Man (Sagat)
Younashi (Juri)

-Is It Over When We Show Up?-
Kawaguuchi (Rose)

Dashio Generation
Reiketsu (Vega)
Dashio (Seth)

Shibuya Guardian
Shiro (Makoto)
Shungoku Neurosis (M.Bison)
Hanamaruki (Sagat)


Jinetta is Late
Kamoshio (Ibuki)
Sasa (Vega)
Yokubou Highlight (Makoto)

Mutant Turtles
Dai Shoryu Panashi
Ichitora Hiratsugu

Harunatsu (Akuma)
Yossan (Juri)
Karichin (Adon)

Machida, Kanagawa Representatives
Ikego (Gen)
Vivi (Chun-Li)
Taopaipai ◎ (Rufus)

Leaving It To Mr. Chapiria
Zobon (Ken)
NN Chappy (Seth)
Marugori (Makoto)

KichijojiKEN (Ken)
Uki (Cody)
☆Shin☆ (Juri)

Watch live video from yubiken on www.twitch.tv


Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ver.2012

Finals League

1. 3000 yen Pocket Change (ACQUA, Younashi, Super Santarou Man) – 2-0
2. Dashio Generation (Dashio, NISHIKIN, Reiketsu) – 1-1
3. Shibuya Guardian (Shiro, Shungoku Neurosis, Hanamaruki) – 0-2

3000 yen Pocket Change  vs. Dashio Generation – 3-1

Younashi (Juri) vs. Dashio (Seth)
ACQUA (Cammy) vs. Dashio (Seth)
ACQUA (Cammy) vs. NISHKIN (Blanka)
ACQUA (Cammy) vs. Reiketsu (Vega)

Shibuya Guardians vs. Dashio Generation – 2-3

Shungoku Neurosis (M.Bison) vs. Dashio (Seth)
Shungoku Neurosis (M.Bison) vs. Reiketsu (Vega)
Shungoku Neurosis (M.Bison) vs. NISHIKIN (Blanka)
Shiro (Makoto) vs. NISHIKIN (Blanka)
Hanamaruki (Sagat) vs. NISHIKIN (Blanka)

Shibuya Guardian vs. 3000 yen Pocket Change – 1-3

Shungoku Neurosis (M.Bison) vs. Younashi (Juri)
Shiro (Makoto) vs. Younashi (Juri)
Shiro (Makoto) vs. ACQUA (Cammy)
Hanamaruki (Sagat) vs. ACQUA (Cammy)


A Block

1. 3000 yen Pocket Money (ACQUA, Younashi, Super Santarou Man) – 3-0
2.  -Is It Over When We Show Up?- (Kawaguuchi, -Rai-, -R-) – 2-1
3. Your Girlfriend’s Favorite Players (Kim1234, Kuroken, Y.) – 1-2
4. YUBIKEN (KichijojiKEN, ☆Shin☆, Uki) – 3-0

-Is It Over When We Show Up?- vs. 30000 yen Pocket Money – 1-3

Kawaguuchi (Rose) vs. ACQUA (Cammy)
-R- (Balrog) vs. ACQUA (Cammy)
-R- (Balrog) vs. Younashi (Juri)
-Rai- (Cammy) vs. Younashi (Juri)

Your Girlfriend’s Favorite Players vs. YUBIKEN – 3-2

Kuroken (Dudley) vs. ☆Shin☆ (Juri)
Kim1234 (M.Bison) vs. ☆Shin☆ (Juri)
Kim1234 (M.Bison) vs. Uki (Cody)
Kim1234 (M.Bison) vs. KichijojiKEN (Ken)
Y. (Cammy) vs. KichijojiKEN

  30000 yen Pocket Money vs.  Your Girlfriend’s Favorite Players – 3-1

ACQUA (Cammy) vs. Kim1234 (M.Bison)
ACQUA (Cammy) vs. Kuroken (Dudley)
Younashi (Juri) vs. Kuroken (Dudley)
Younashi (Juri) vs. Y. (Cammy)

-Is It Over When We Show Up?- vs. YUBIKEN – 3-2

-Rai- (Cammy) vs. Uki (Cody)
-Rai- (Cammy) vs. ☆Shin☆ (Juri)
-Rai- (Cammy) vs. KichijojiKEN (Ken)
-R- (Balrog) vs. KichijojiKEN (Ken)
Kawaguuchi (Rose) vs. KichijojiKEN (Ken)

 -Is It Over When We Show Up?- vs. Your Girlfriend’s Favorite Players – 3-2

-Rai- (Cammy) vs. Kim1234 (M.Bison)
-Rai- (Cammy) vs. Kuroken (Dudley)
-Rai- (Cammy) vs. Y. (Cammy)
-R- (Balrog) vs Y. (Cammy)
Kawaguuchi (Rose) vs. Y. (Cammy)

30000 yen Pocket Money vs. YUBIKEN – 3-0

Super Santarou Man (Sagat) vs. Uki (Cody)
Super Santarou Man (Sagat) vs. ☆Shin☆ (Juri)
Super Santarou Man (Sagat) vs. KichijojiKEN (Ken)

B Block

1. Dashio Generation (Dashio, NISHIKIN, Reiketsu) – 2-0
2. Nyadoken (Harunatsu, Karichin, Yossan) – 1-1
3. Machida, Kanagawa Representatives ( Taopaipai◎, Ikego, Vivi) – 0-2

Nyadoken vs. Dashio Generation – 1-3

Harunatsu (Akuma) vs. NISHIKIN (Blanka)
Yossan (Juri) vs. NISHIKIN (Blanka)
Yossan (Juri) vs. Dashio (Seth)
Karichin (Adon) vs. Dashio (Seth)

Machida, Kanagawa Representatives vs. Nyadoken – 2-3

Taopaipai◎ (Rufus) vs. Harunatsu (Akuma)
Taopaipai◎ (Rufus) vs. Karichin (Adon)
Ikego (Gen) vs. Karichin (Adon)
Ikego (Gen) vs. Yossan (Juri)
Vivi (Chun-Li) vs. Yossan (Juri)

  Machida, Kanagawa Representatives vs. Dashio Generation – 0-3

Taopaipai◎ (Rufus) vs. Dashio (Seth)
Ikego (Gen) vs. Dashio (Seth)
Vivi (Chun-Li) vs. Dashio (Seth)

C Block

1. Shibuya Guardian (Shiro, Shungoku Neurosis, Hanamaruki) – 2-0
2. Jietta is Late (Kamoshio, Sasa, Yokubou Highlight) – 1-1
3. Leaving It To Mr. Chapiria

Leaving It To Mr. Chapiria vs. Jinetta is Late – 0-3

NN Chappy (Seth) vs. Yokubou Highlight (Makoto)
Marugori (Makoto) vs. Yokubou Highlight (Makoto)
Zoubon (Ken) vs. Yokubou Highlight (Makoto)

Shibuya Guardian vs. Leaving It To Mr. Chapiria  – 3-0

Shungoku Neurosis (M.Bison) vs. NN Chappy (Seth)
Shungoku Neurosis (M.Bison) vs. Zoubon (Ken)
Shungoku Neurosis (M.Bison) vs. Marugori (Makoto)

Shibuya Guardian vs. Jinetta is Late – 3-1

Shiro (Makoto) vs. Yokubou Highlight (Makoto)
Shungoku Neurosis (M.Bison) vs. Yokubou Highlight (Makoto)
Shungoku Neurosis (M.Bison) vs. Sasa (Vega)
Shungoku Neurosis (M.Bison) vs. Kamoshio (Ibuki)

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