Skullgirls – Mike Z Reveals Color DLC Details, New Snap-Back OTG Mechanics, and Pre-Match Character Switching at Salty Cupcakes

By on October 12, 2012 at 10:50 am

The latest Salty Cupcakes stream archive has gone up, and Mike Z has even more Skullgirls information for us, along with some awesome close-ups of his sandwich  Here are some of the changes that he covered in this week’s stream.

  • Every character has an eighteenth color now. These colors are “gift colors” that unlock if you buy all the color DLC packs for the entire cast, as a thanks for supporting the game. Valentine’s color 18 is based off Kasumi from Dead or Alive. Parasoul’s color 18 is the Justin Bailey pallette from the original Metroid while her umbrella is a metroid itself.
  • Purchasing a color pack automatically unlocks all the basic unlockable colors (colors 7-10) for the character you purchase it for. Purchasing Valentine or Double’s color pack will automatically unlock their story mode.
  • You can now hold an assist command to switch your point character before a match starts. Holding assist one switches it to character one. Holding assist two switches it to character two. Holding both assist commands swaps the order of your assists. The new character order stays between matches but resets if you go back to character select.
  • Landing a snap-back on a character now gives you back an OTG. This makes double snaps easier and gives you more reasons to snap-back a single character.
  • The dead character snap-out resurrection glitch has been fixed.
  • Cerebella’s reflect is now no longer minus on hit. It’s now even on hit, and combos when canceled into her level 3.
  • According to Mike, one of the reasons that the patch is being delayed is that Konami continues to find problems in the Spanish language version of it. When asked about when the patch will be ready he said, “The patch will be ready for the public as soon as they stop finding really dumb problems with it. In other words, I don’t even know anymore.” As long as he needs to continue sending builds he can continue altering game mechanics.
  • The framework for PS3/PC cross-play has already been added to the game. If/when the PC version comes out it should be doable.

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Source: Salty Cupcakes

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