Daigo Umehara to Appear in Mahjong Manga

By on October 11, 2012 at 8:22 am

Team Mad Catz’s first son Daigo Umehara will be guest starring in the December issue of the monthly magazine Kindai Mahjong Original, in manga form. At one time, Umehara quit fighting games and ventured into the world of mahjong. This manga, titled “Umehara’s Mahjong” (ウメハラの麻雀), written by Michiaki Kiyama, will serve as a documentary of his time playing the Chinese tile game. Umehara revealed the power to keeping winning in fighting games, but what techniques does he have for mahjong!?

The 2012/12 issue of Kindai Mahjong Original will release on Thursday November 8 in Japan, at 500 yen.

Source: Kindai Mahjong Original via Furious blog