Team St1ckBuG x OgreLive Persona 4 Arena, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend NEC XIII Qualifier Results

By on October 6, 2012 at 8:23 pm

In the mood for some late night Arc System Works action? Well, Team St1ckBuG and Ogre Live have got you covered with their broadcast of the Persona 4 Arena and BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend NEC XIII qualifiers, streaming live from Akihabara Clark Studio in Chiyoda, Tokyo. Both games will be played in a single-game, double-elimination bracket.

The first and second place finishers in Persona 4 Arena and the first place finisher in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend will have their flight and room costs covered on the way to NEC XIII this December, making that tournament one of the first times we’ve seen the two nations clash in ASW’s latest fighter at this level.

A ton of heavy hitters are set to make appearances during tonight’s event, including DIE-chan, Shuuto, Yume, Irisu, Koichi, P3U PLAYER, Tomo, Yu-Sama, Souji, and Dora, so be sure to tune in early and catch as much as you can. The stream will be live in this article, but you can also visit Twitch TV to join the chat.

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Persona 4 Arena

1. Kirisame (Chie Satonaka)
2. Souji (Teddie)
3. Yume (Aigis)
4. Irusu (Mitsuru Kirijo)
5. Shuuto (Mitsuru Kirijo)
5. DIE-chan (Mitsuru Kirijo)
7. Tomo (Shadow Labrys)
7. Hou-chan (Yukiko Amagi)

Kirisame and Souji qualify for NEC XIII.

Grand Finals

Souji (Teddie) vs. Kirisame (Chie Satonaka) – 2-1 Souji resets
Souji (Teddie) vs. Kirisame (Chie Satonaka) – 1-2

Losers Finals

Souji (Teddie) vs. Yume (Aigis) – 2-1

Winners Finals

Kirisame (Chie Satonaka) vs. Yume (Aigis)- 2-0

Loser’s Semi-finals

Souji (Teddie) vs. Irusu (Mitsuru Kirijo)

Top 8 Winners

Yume (Aigis) vs. Souji (Kuma)
Kirisame (Chie Satonaka) vs. Shuuto (Misuru Kirijo)

Top 8 Losers

Irusu (Mitsuru Kirijo) vs. Tomo (Shadow Labrys)
Hou-chan (Yukiko Amagi) vs. DIE-chan (Mitsuru Kirijo)

Shuuto (Mitsuru Kirijo) vs. Irusu (Mitsuru Kirijo)
Souji (Teddie) vs. DIE-chan (Mitsuru Kirijo)


BlazBlue Continuum Shift EXTEND

1. Goro (Makoto)
2. Souji (Arakune)
3. Dora (Bang)
4. Nezu (Bang)
5.  Abareddo (μ-12)
5. Banchou (Relius)
7. Hou-chan (Jin)
7. Yoshiki (λ-11)
9. MEN Tenchou (Hakumen)
9. Fio (Litchi)
9. Yutta (Ragna)
9. H.H (μ-12)
13. Mouken no Shudou (Bang)
13. Mato (Tager)
13. Mitsumori (Suzuko (μ-12)
13. Hayashi (Jin)

Goro qualifies for NEC XIII, but is unable to attend due to conflicting with work. 2nd place Souji has already qualified through the P4U tournament, so the free trip to NEC XIII passes to 3rd place Dora.

Grand Finals

Goro (Makoto) vs. Souji (Arakune) – 2-1

Losers Finals

Dora (Bang) vs. Souji (Arakune) – 0-2

Winners Finals

Goro (Makoto) vs. Souji (Arakune) – 2-0

Losers Semi-finals

Dora (Bang) vs. Nezu (Bang)

Winners Top 8

Banchou (Relius) vs. Souji (Arakune)
Goro (Makoto) vs. Nezu (Bang)

Losers Top 8

Dora (Bang) vs. Hou-chan (Jin)
Yoshiki (λ-11) vs. Abareddo (μ-12)

Abareddo (μ-12) vs. Nezu (Bang)
Dora (Bang) vs. Banchou (Relius)

Winners Top 16

Souji (Arakune) vs. Abareddo (μ-12)
Yoshiki (λ-11) vs. Banchou (Relius)
Goro (Makoto) vs. Hou-chan (Jin)
Dora (Bang) vs. Nezu (Bang)

Losers Top 16

Yutta (Bang) vs. Mouken no Shudou (Bang)
Mato (Tager) vs. MEN Tenchou (Hakumen)
Mitsumori Suzuko (μ-12) vs. Fio (Litchi)
Hayashi (Jin) vs. H.H (μ-12)

MEN Tenchou (Hakumen) vs. Yoshiki (λ-11)
Abareddo (μ-12) vs. Fio (Litchi)
Yutta (Ragna) vs. Hou-chan (Jin)
H.H (μ-12) vs. Dora (Bang)

First Round

Mouken no Shudou (Bang) vs. Abareddo (μ-12)
Yutta (Ragna) vs. Souji (Arakune)
Banchou (Relius) vs. Hayashi (Jin)
Yoshiki (λ-11) vs. H.H (μ-12)
Fio (Litchi) vs. Goro (Makoto)
Hou-chan (Jin) vs. Mitsumori Suzuko (μ-12)
Dora (Bang) vs. MEN Tenchou (Hakumen)
Mato (Tager) vs. Nezu (Bang)

Source: Adastream via Team St1ckBuG, results and other contributions via USD