Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012 – The Hakan Project

By on October 3, 2012 at 4:00 pm

Fighting games are a constantly evolving platform whose tendencies to progress we seem to collectively ignore. Tier lists are constantly changing due to metagame and new discoveries (was it not less than a year ago that Dee Jay was promoted to near top tier status in ST?) which keep the games fresh and hotly debated year after year. There’s a reason many of us still see fit to play “Theory Fighter” when we aren’t around a setup.

Keeping in this line of thinking, Brugalkonsoda has been trying to shout out his support for Hakan as loud as he can by uploading match after match of highly skilled players using the character at his best. Hakan for the most part, and I’d not like to offend anyone with this comment, has gotten a somewhat negative reputation amongst SFIV players for being a “weak” or “joke” character. Traditionally most new characters in fighting games (at least in the beginning) skew lower on tier lists and popular opinion, due to an unfamiliar playstyle and lack of knowledge about how to approach them. While the concept is there, many have faced the idea that Hakan simply doesn’t have what it takes to compete effectively with derision. I think we’re getting to the point where we can put that ideology aside, as a lot of these videos show some solid fundamentals and creative strategies to taking on match-ups that are weighted heavily against the weary grappler.

Below you’ll find some slick replays from top players on PlayStation Network, and at the top we have a match from Infiltration taken just recently from Season’s Beatings Ascension. I’ve always been attracted to fighting games for that concept of infinite possibility, telling me “anything can happen in a match, and there’s always a way to throw it in your favor.” I think it’s time, if we haven’t already, to give Hakan the benefit of the doubt.

Source: Brugalkonsoda

Zaid Tabani has been contributing a steady stream of artistic content into the community ever since the resurgence of the fighting game boom. He's been responsible for many well known projects, including(but not limited to) the EVO 2K10 Intro Videos, The EVO 2K11 Theme Song(along with multiple other community members), the documentary series Run It Back and the upcoming film RANBAT. He was even featured in Capcom's "SUPER STREET FIGHTER IV 3D EDITION" commercial, due to his prior work with EVO. He also likes to dress up as a bat occasionally and fight a psychotic crusade against crime. That last part was a joke. Kinda.