Skullgirls Patch Updated, Mike Z Covers Changes at Salty Cupcakes

By on October 1, 2012 at 11:35 am

The longer we wait for the upcoming Skullgirls patch, the longer Mike Z has to fiddle around with it. He recently went over these new changes on stream at his own event, Salty Cupcakes. Many of these changes are just balancing tweaks to tone down Ms. Fortune’s extended sandwich combos. However, there are also several universal system changes as well. Below are just a few of the changes he talked about during the stream.

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Ms. Fortune Changes

  • Ms. Fortune’s Head Spike No Longer Causes a ground bounce. It now causes a knockdown. You have to use your OTG to combo after it.
  • Ms. Fortune can now DP Head Sneeze with her head on after her aerial super, during the final pose. This detaches her head.
  • Ms. Fortune’s head no longer hits in the air after a rekka slide, forcing you to use an OTG.
  • Ms. Fortune’s rekkas have most of their damage concentrated into the last hit now. First two hits do far less damage.
  • Ms. Fortune’s rekkas cannot be changed in strength mid chain. All rekkas that start with a light will be light rekkas, with a medium medium rekkas, so on so forth.

Other Changes

  • Added pushblock, ground tech, DHC, and infinite breaker tutorials. Also added next lesson function.
  • Solo characters now have 210% life and do 160% damage, changed from 200/175.
  • Overall damage scaling has been changed.100,100,100, 85^2, 85^3… to minimum of 15 percent or 25 percent for hard hits, now up to 100,100,100 87.5^2,87.5^3… down to 20% for light hits and 27.5% for hard hits.
  • How you input macros have been changed. When you have set all your other buttons you cannot swap them into macros. That way you can simply scroll to a macro slot and start pressing buttons. Your macro buttons can only be swapped between buttons that haven’t been assigned for basic inputs.
  • Painwheel can now choose different strengths of pinion dash for her assist. Selecting with down down light gets you an uncharged version. Down down medium gets you a level 3 charge and down down heavy gets you a level 4 charge but Painwheel needs to go through the charge time after she comes on screen.

Source: MegamanDS Salty Cupcakes Stream

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