Dead or Alive 5 DLC Costume Pack Being Released for Free

By on October 1, 2012 at 9:22 pm

Great news for Dead or Alive 5 players, as Team NINJA has just tweeted that they will be releasing an upcoming DLC costume pack for free. We’ve posted a translation of the tweet below.

Team NINJA ‏@TeamNINJAStudio 
“As gratitude to everyone who purchased a DOA5, today I have to prepare the DLC free of charge. Please wait for further news. # DOA5”

The aforementioned DLC pack, which contains costumes for Kokoro, Zack, Helena, Bayman, Gen Fu, Christie, Tina, Mila, Akira, Sarah and Pai is already out in Japan. It should be available for the rest of world soon.

Source: Team NINJA, translation c/o Cadaveri from FreeStepDodge

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