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Imagine as a child when you first set eyes on an arcade, walking through the mall with your family, hoping you could persuade your mom to not only stop by but give you a quarter to stick into a cabinet that you could barely reach yet alone see the entire screen.  This was the beginning of your stint that brought you to spend hours and hours in the arcade during your teen years and beyond.  It was the start of what your parents believed to be the end of your life, but to us gamers, to the loyal arcade enthusiasts, this was our home.  This is where we grew up, where we found some of our best friends and people we have spent the best years of our lives hanging out with.

All this would not have been possible without someone behind the scenes, someone who has the knowledge and dedication to keep the train moving, and someone to care enough to keep open what is essentially a “playground” for everyone to enjoy.  This person that we are talking about is Ralph Senhert, the owner of Family Fun Arcade, Japan Arcade, and Super Arcade.

If you are anywhere near southern California or a part of the #FGC, you would know and understand the importance of Family Fun Arcade.  Ralph has been the owner of FFA for over 38 years and due to health issues and financial obligations he is no longer able to keep the doors open and FFA along with Japan Arcade will be closing December 31st, 2012.  Here is a statement from Ralph himself:

Hi I’m Ralph I own Family fun Arcade

For the past 38 years I have owned and run this place you know as Family Fun Arcade. It has been my pleasure ,my pain ,my nights, my days, my frustration, my satisfaction, and everything in between. I have lived and breathed this business every day of those years. In short Family Fun Arcade has has been my “Family” 

I have watched the video game phenomenon from it’s humble beginnings to the worldwide explosion.
I have seen little kids grow into adults who now bring their kids to Family Fun. 
I have made many lifelong friends and take great pride that I have been able to provide countless hours of fond memories to the people of Family Fun

I have kept this place alive long after most real arcades have disappeared
Sadly 38 years of hard work has taken a heavy toll on me. Now due to health and financial considerations I have been forced to step away from my role here As a result Family Fun will no longer be able to operate after approximately Jan 2013.

It has been a great long run and I hope to see many of my friends in the remaining time here
Family Fun is a second home to many and I hope you can all visit and support us now
Watch for announcements of going away events and we are planning for a big gathering at Family Fun for our final “Family Portrait”.
Tell your friends and we can all celebrate the end of an era. 

Huge thanks and respect to all the employees who helped to make it possible,and thanks to you the customers
All a big part of “The Family”

For more information on the subject, check out : http://shoryuken.com/forum/index.php?threads/the-end-of-another-dynasty-in-the-fgc-and-gaming-community.169730/

Feel free to post your photos, stories, and experiences you have enjoyed over the years for these monumental establishments.

We are asking for everyone’s help to support Ralph during this tough time and  give back to someone who has given his life to the community.  Our website www.arcaderelief.com has already launched and donations via paypal are being accepted at donate@arcaderelief.com. No amount is too small and everyone’s help is greatly, greatly appreciated.