Dead or Alive 5 – Perfect Legend’s Early Impressions

By on September 24, 2012 at 11:40 am

Before he took competitive Mortal Kombat by storm, Carl “Perfect Legend” White was one of the best Dead or Alive players in the country. Now, with the imminent release of Dead or Alive 5, Perfect Legend has taken time to go back to his roots and post his initial impressions of the new game. We’ve posted a few excerpts from Carl’s impressions below, and you can read the rest on his blog.

When you get held now its basically a slap on the wrist and if they want to deal real damage they have to really time their hold and on top of that make an almost perfect read which is hard with the gameplay speed of DOA. Also the hold recovery has been nerfed while you are in stun as well so even when someone holds at the first possible frame that they can hold you can easily hit them with your most damaging throw. There are also stuns in the game which cannot be escaped via hold and some that can’t be escaped via hold or slow escape! Mostly sit down stuns. Example hayabusa’s 214P guarantees a 33p.

Sidestep is such a game changer in DOA especially since it works just like VF and the fact that there are moves that track as well and a lot of linear moves you can’t really abuse any strategies because of that. Also keep in mind most of the tracking moves are either High or Low so they can be high crushed, fuzzy guarded, guarded or defensive held.

Training mode is so good! It tells you the frame data of every attack and every situation. Record mode is perfect and lets you record for really long and it also allows you to set the computer to hold the fastest out of a critical stun or slow escape the fastest or the slowest.

Carl ends his post with a declaration that Dead or Alive 5 is, in his opinion, the best fighting game released in the past ten years. He  also announces that he will be posting tutorials and match videos in the near future.

Source: Perfect Legend

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