Super NorCal Install Persona 4 Arena, Aquapazza Replays

By on September 22, 2012 at 1:44 pm

On September 8th, the fall edition of of Super NorCal Install took place at Game Center Arcade in San Mateo, California. This bi-annual tournament attracts some of the best competition in games that are considered “less mainstream,” such as Persona 4 Arena, BlazBlue, King of Fighters XIII, and more. This installment saw some hype matches as a few of NorCal’s best took on players from the Pacific Northwest in Persona 4 Arena and Aquapazza.

Finest KO has provided over 12 hours of replay footage from the event, split into seven individual videos. We’ve included them all below.

Source: Finest KO, thanks to PurpleLemonadeGGPO for the tip

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