King of GGPO 2012 – King of Summer Super Turbo Tournament Round 2 Replays

By on September 16, 2012 at 3:28 pm

Arturo Sanchez recently uploaded the entirety of last Friday’s King of GGPO 2012 broadcast, which saw the second round of the King of Summer tournament series play out with some fantastic matches. If you weren’t able to tune in live for the Super Street Fighter II Turbo action, now’s your chance to get caught up. We’ve included Sanchez’ match timestamps below the video.

Full results can be found in our coverage hub.

0:00 – Cwheezy – (Dictator) vs Damdai (O.Ryu)
4:53 – hokuto (Claw) vs gpl (Ryu)
16:04 – djfrijoles (Ken) vs ceks10 (Cammy)
22:24 – real (Honda, Claw) vs Kyouya (Dictator)
27:22 – gpl (Ryu, Boxer) vs djfrijoles (T. Hawk)
33:19 – damdai (O. Ryu) vs Kyouya (Dictator)
41:04 – nephall (O. Hawk) vs Sliphole79 (Vega)
47:16 – soyun (Honda) vs dngr s papercut (O. Hawk)
54:23 – sliphole79 (Honda/Claw) vs Kyouya (Dictator/Blanka)
1:01:15 – djfrijoles (O. Hawk) vs damdai (O. Ryu)
1:10:47 – gpl (Boxer) vs dngr s papercut (T. Hawk)
1:18:22 – gpl (Boxer) vs Kyouya (Dictator)
1:24:53 – gpl (O. Sagat) vs djfrijoles (T. Hawk)
1:33:12 – djfrijoles (T. Hawk) vs damdai (O. Ryu)

Source: Arturo Sanchez