Tokyo Game Show 2012 – Street Fighter x Tekken Vita at Capcom Booth; Japanese Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Tournament Pricing Information

By on September 14, 2012 at 1:08 pm

Earlier today, Capcom updated the official Street Fighter x Tekken blog with some information on SFxTK’s presence at Capcom’s booth at next week’s Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2012, as well as pricing information for the upcoming Street Fighter 25th Anniversary tournament in Japan.

TGS 2012 begins with the business days on September 20-21, and concludes with general public days on September 22-23. Capcom will have the PlayStation Vita version of Street Fighter x Tekken available for play. Visitors who play SFxTK at the Capcom booth will receive an original cleaning pouch, while supplies last. The Vita version of SFxTK will also be available at Sony’s PlayStation booth.


On the last day of TGS, September 23 (Sun), pro gamers Tokido and Fuudo will be a part of a stage event, offering a public lesson on Street Fighter x Tekken. This is an opportunity for attendees to learn about the playstyles, combos and thought processes of a top player. For more information on Capcom at TGS 2012, check the Capcom website.

Ayano also discussed ticket pricing for Japan’s Street Fighter 25th Anniversary tournament, which begins on September 29 and concludes with the finals on October 20. The tournament will be streaming on Nico Nico Live as pay-per-view. The full-pass ticket (qualifier + finals) will be available for 3000 Niconico points (equal to 3000 yen, ~38.40 USD), 1-day tickets for the qualifier days can be purchased for 500 points (~6.40 USD), while the ticket for the finals is 2000 points (~25.60 USD).  Tickets will available for purchase later this month.

Viewers who purchase the full pass will receive two special bonuses. The first is access to the sub channel, which will show matches outside of the main channel, displayed in a 4-way split window set-up. The second is the opportunity to attend the finals in-person at Nicofarre. Viewers who wish to attend will be selected by lottery. Attendees must pay their own transportation costs.

Those who don’t wish to pay for the stream will still be able to view the tournament, though for limited periods of time. The first qualifier day, September 29, will be completely free to watch, and free viewers will even have access to the sub channel for that day. For all other days (including finals), there will be a free viewing period at the start of the stream.

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