Dead or Alive 5 Gamescom Build Rig Combo Video

By on September 12, 2012 at 1:01 pm

EMPERORC0W continues to explore the combo possibilities of Dead or Alive 5 with another combo video based on the Gamescom build. This time, he focuses on newcomer Rig, who he describes as a very technical character. This is due in part to his ability to quickly switch between his flamingo (Kubo Sogi) and spinning (Tolgi) stances in the middle of a string. In addition to this, Rig’s stance in relation to his opponent (open or closed stance) greatly affect his combo options.

To help players understand which combos require certain stances and positions, EMPERORC0W has added the notations detailed below.

7P,6K9K,(kubryo sogi) 6H+KK




7P,33K,K2KK,(kubryo sogi)6H+KK

(open stance) H+K,P,33K,KK4,(tolgi)KK,PP2KK

(open stance) 9K,(kubryo sogi)4H+K,7P,4PKK
9K,(kubryo sogi)4H+K,33K,K2KK,(kubryo sogi)6H+KK

(kubryo sogi) KKK4,(tolgi)P,33K,KK4,(tolgi)KK,PP4,(tolgi)KK4K

(vs MID K)6H,8K,K2KK,6H+KK

41236H+P,9K,(kubryo sogi)6H+K,(kubryo sogi)6H+KK

(closed stance)(kubryo sogi) KK6K,P+K,33K,K6K,KK4,(tolgi)KKK
(kubryo sogi) KK6K,P+K,33K,K2KK,(kubryo sogi)6H+KK
(kubryo sogi) KK6K,P+K,PB

(closed stance)7P,66K,7K,P+K,33K,K6K,KK4(tolgi)KKK
7P,66K,7K,P+K,33K,K2KK,(kubryo sogi)6H+KK

(closed stance) 44K,(BT)4K,7K,P+K,33K,K6K,KK4(tolgi)KKK
44K,(BT)4K,7K,P+K,33K,K2KK,(kubryo sogi)6H+KK


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