Avoiding the Puddle’s Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Beginner’s Guide – Crush System, Okizeme, and More

By on September 8, 2012 at 3:50 pm

Avoiding the Puddle’s Tekken Tag Tournament 2 beginner’s guide continued today with AAK’s fourth installment. This new unit is dedicated to the game’s stances, crush system, low parries, okizeme, and netsu mechanic, so if you’re interested in the upcoming fighter, now is a great time to start learning their intricacies in preparation for its release next week.

We’ve included a short excerpt below, but be sure to visit Avoiding the Puddle for the full article.

II. Crush System

This is one of the most controversial inclusions in the Tekken saga which a lot of the old school players aren’t too fond of, it’s the crush system. Crush basically implies a “dodge”. Some moves have specific properties that can dodge a low attack or a high attack. If a move dodges a low attack, it’s called a low crush move, and those moves usually involve airborne manoeuvers. Similarly if a high attack is dodged it’s called a high crush move.

IV. Wakeup & Okizeme

Along with movement and spacing, wakeup is the other fundamental mechanic of Tekken that players NEED to understand and prioritize to survive in this game. After talking about wakeup we’ll talk about Okizeme. Okizeme basically translates to your course of action against an opponent grounded. So it basically talks about what you can do to counter someone who’s attempting to wakeup.

Tekken probably has the most complex wakeup system in all of fighting games. There are a multitude of ways to do it in this game, First we’ll talk about Quick getups:

  1. Quick Getup
    • Chinese Getup – Hold Forward while landing, do a spring kick back into a standing position.
    • Tech Roll – Tap 1_2 while landing to tech roll into the background and vice versa tap 3_4 to tech roll into the foreground.
    • Quick Backroll – Hold B after a Mach Breaker-esque knockdown to quickly return to a standing neutral position.
    • Quick Backroll 2 – Hold D/B from a roll back knockdown to quickly return to a standing neutral position.

Source: Avoiding the Puddle