Additional Put That Back Interviews from GVN Summer Jam 6 Featuring BT|IFC Yipes, BT|Dieminion, Robert Hubbs, Lopedo, and More

By on September 6, 2012 at 4:36 pm

Chris Bahn of Put That Back returns with a new batch of interviews from GVN Summer Jam 6 a few weeks back. This latest group includes discussions with IFC Yipes and Dieminion of Team Brokentier, Dead or Alive 5 champion Lopedo, GVN founders Robert Hubbs, and many more. They all take their time to discuss the tournament in great detail, so be sure to check these out for a complete look at how the event played out.

Also, seeing as Dead or Alive 5 had a huge presence, there’s a ton of talk about opinions on the game and how it will play out when it’s released later this month.

Source: Put That Back