FIGHTING EDGE x sako – Team HORI’s Star Player’s Combo Exercise with Ibuki and Cammy

By on September 4, 2012 at 10:14 am

From Vampire Savior to Street Fighter IV, Team HORI’s sako has made a name for himself with his highly technical execution and specialized combos. In the two-part series “FIGHTING EDGE x sako,” the pro gamer demonstrates several character- and corner-specific combos with Ibuki and Cammy in Capcom’s Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, including an Abel-specific combo for Ibuki and a Ryu-specific combo for Cammy. Together with HORI staff member “A”, sako explores each combo with brief explanations of execution and practical uses.  The videos also include input display, basic combo notation, as well as camera shot of sako’s hands, allowing viewers to see how each combo is performed.

The videos not only show off sako’s amazing execution, but some of the unique functions of HORI’s Fighting Edge as well. Using the arcade stick’s hardware-side button assignment feature, sako assigns the function of the Back button to the LB face button on the stick. This allows for a special plinking the LP attack, something normally not possible with the standard face buttons.

Be sure to check out these “sako specials” and more in the videos below!

Sources: HORI, Famitsu, 4Gamer