Street Fighter x Tekken – “Royal Brawl,” a Lili and Asuka Cross Assault Combo Video

By on August 30, 2012 at 5:05 pm

LoCi_AF and AXel_KL of The Competitive Dojo bring us this brand new Street Fighter X Tekken combo video featuring Asuka and Lili. The video features Cross Assault resets, set-ups, and even interesting combos that involve one character doing essentially nothing but acting as a wall to push the opponent up against. They also include some notes on one particular reset shown in the video.

The reset at 1:34 is very tricky. Thanks to Lili’s Air Spine Shot Asuka can cross under the opponent and do an overhead. Automatic guard during the opponent’s Cross Assault only happens if the characters are on 2 different sides to prevent unblockables. Since Lili and Asuka are on the same side when the mixup happens, the opponent has to block high on the opposite side. Using a different Spine Shot the character can end up on a different side. Asuka can also go low, making it even harder to block.

Source: The Competitive Dojo

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