Hold Back to Block Talks to AGE|Fanatiq About Training for Ray Ray and Possible Retirement at Summer Jam 6

By on August 26, 2012 at 9:21 am

While attending Summer Jam 6 in Philadelphia, the Hold Back to Block crew was able to catch up with PDP’s Loren “AGE|Fanatiq” Riley to discuss a wide variety of subjects, from his beginnings in the scene, his use of pad instead of arcade stick, and the training he put in for his match against Ray Ray at East Coast Throwdown 4.

While his recent sponsorship has allowed him a ton of freedom in terms of traveling to events, Fanatiq also mentions that Summer Jam 6 may be his final tournament in the competitive scene, noting that he has other aspirations outside the community that he wants to focus on instead.

Source: Hold Back to Block