Game Developer Magazine: GGPO Technical Deep Dive

By on August 24, 2012 at 6:38 pm

Ponder, the man behind the latency-hiding GGPO netcode, has written an awesome article for the September issue of Game Developer Magazine that describes how the technology works and why it’s so well-suited for fighting games.  This is by far the most in-depth look at GGPO’s inner workings published so far.

Fight the Lag
Nine out of ten game developers agree: Lag kills online multiplayer, especially when you’re trying to make products that rely on timing-based skill, such as fighting games. Fighting game community organizer Tony Cannon explains how he built his GGPO netcode to “hide” network latency and make online multiplayer appetizing for even the most picky players.

The article gives a pretty detailed breakdown of why traditional network solutions fail, how GGPO uses prediction to solve the problem, and what it takes to add GGPO support to a game.  To read the full article you need to have a subscription to Game Developer Magazine.  They offer an online subscription here, or you can purchase a digital version of just the September 2012 issue for $4 here.