Street Fighter x Tekken – Lars Combo Guide, 41-Hit Combo by Desk

By on August 22, 2012 at 2:59 pm

Today, Desk released two Street Fighter x Tekken videos that focus on Lars, one of the recently released Tekken bonus characters. The first is a great combo guide that should definitely help players who are looking to add the character to their team, and the second is a 41-hit combo that expands upon some of the stuff he showed off in his day one combo video.

We’ve included both videos as well as a small excerpt from Desk’s blog post regarding the combo guide below, but be sure to check out the full post for more information.

Base combo 1: J.HP, st.HP xx qcf+K-K [3 hits/246 damage]
this is a great go to combo from a jump in. Remember that the qcf+K-K follow up only works after st.HP or cr.HP

…cr.HP xx qcf+K-K [5 hits/323 damage]
a good, simple follow up. Not quite as good as it looks as the cr.HP must be cancelled on the first hit and is less damaging than a st.HP

…cr.MP, cr.MP, cr.HK [6 hits/369 damage]
a solid, not too difficult follow up that causes a hard knockdown.

…st.LP, cr.MP, cr.MK xx qcf+K-P [7 hits/373 damage]
a little more technical but great damage for zero meter.

…cr.MP xx dp+K [6 hits/354 damage]
a solid combo on it’s own but it’s really useful when tag cancelled as it leaves the opponent super high and allows your secondary character to land a jump in juggle and do great damage. Again, not too difficult to perform.

Source: Desk