“Team Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Versus Series SH” with Silent Sanwa Parts Releasing in Japan at 19800 Yen

By on August 10, 2012 at 12:48 pm

Mad Catz Japan announced that the newest Mad Catz stick, “Team Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Versus Series SH,” will be releasing on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The PS3 version is slated for an August 30 release, while the Xbox 360 will be releasing in September. The stick will be made available with a “monitor special price” of 19800 yen (~253 USD). Starting on August 11 at 1PM JST, the PS3 stick can be pre-ordered here at the Mad Catz store on Amazon Japan, with 360 version pre-order availability to be announced at a later date.

The VS Series SH is equipped with Sanwa Denshi’s silent joystick lever and buttons which significantly reduce noise levels during play. Coming in at 4000 yen cheaper than the SFXTK V.S. Edition, which uses the same form factor, but with the silent parts on top of that, the Versus Series SH is a shockingly great deal.

  • Product name (English): Team Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Versus Series SH
  • Product name (Japanese): チーム マッドキャッツ アーケード ファイトスティックバーサスシリーズ SH 静音
  • Model No: MCZJ-00024 (PS3); MCX-FS-TNC (X360)
  • Price: 19,800 Yen (tax included)
  • Release date: 2012/8/30 (PS3); 2012/9 (X360)
  • Warranty period: 90 days
  • Product size (W x D x H) (mm): 430x265x117 (excluding the stick, height of 60mm)
  • Product weight (g): 3300
  • Package size (W x D x H) (mm): 480x300x160
  • Package weight (g): 4300
  • Color: Black
  • Required System: Playstation 3 System Software ver 2.80 or later recommended (PS3)
  • Input functionality: △・◯・×・□・R1・R2・L1・L2・SELECT・START・PS button(PS3); A・B・X・Y・LT・RT・LB・RB・BACK・START・Xbox Guide button (X360); Stick (Can be switched between Left/Right Stick・D-pad), Turbo button functionality
  • Notes: Uses Sanwa Denshi silent lever, silent buttons. However, the SELECT, START (PS3)/START, BACK (360) buttons use regular Sanwa Denshi buttons.
  • Connection I/F: USB connector (PS3); USB port (controller port) (X360)
  • Cord length (cm): 400

Sources: Mad Catz Japan, 4Gamer