Dead or Alive 5 – La Mariposa Character Breakdown by IGN

By on August 7, 2012 at 9:17 pm

Today’s entry into IGN’s “12 Days of Dead or Alive 5” gives us a glance at a character who was not in the previously seen E3 build of the game – Lisa Hamilton, also known as La Mariposa. Now, those who tried her during her debut in DOA4 may recall that she was somewhat lacking in that game. In this feature, IGN’s Bryan Dawson goes about describing how she’s been changed for the better in Dead or Alive 5 as well as pointing out where Team NINJA may be tweaking her further before the game comes out this September.

Here’s a short excerpt from the article, you can read the rest of it over at IGN.

Right off the bat, La Mariposa has been graced with a new run stance referred to as, Carrera. She can transition into the run from multiple attacks and has five different options during the run animation. She has a high punch, three mid options, a low slide and an offensive hold (a throw that goes through attacks). All of these options are great against your friends, but when you come across one of the more skilled players, you may have some trouble.

We know Team Ninja is still making adjustments to the game, and if we had to go out on a limb, we’ve got to assume La Mariposa’s new Carrera running stance is at the top of the list. A skilled player can easily interrupt almost any time La Mariposa attempts to use the Carrera stance after a blocked attack. In the best case scenario, the high punch can’t be interrupted, but even if it hits, it doesn’t lead to much. Still, if the attack that leads into the Carrera connects, the opponent will have to deal with a plethora or options that should result in a hit for La Mariposa.

Source: IGN via FreeStepDodge

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