Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown – “Epilogue,” an Akira Combo Video by Apocryphic Visions

By on August 4, 2012 at 6:22 am

Apocryphic Visions has produced a sequel to his original Virtua Fighter 5 Akira combo video. The video shows off some hard to perform links and situational wallbound combos, as well as a strange glitch that makes it appear as if the opponent is standing on your back when you get behind them. A full transcript and notes can be found below.

So even after I contributed some new Akira combos for the Perfect Input video, I still ended up finding more stuff that I was more then happy to showcase. This is probably my shortest video and my first VF combo video sequel but there is still some nice stuff in here.

Legend: 7(upback), 8(up), 9(upforward), 4(back), 5(neutral), 6(forward), 1(downback), 2(down), 3(downforward) and P- Punch, K- Kick, G-Guard. B!- bound move. :-Just frame input required. BT- Back turned. Teirou Kanpo Stance- TK.

1: CH 4,3+P,u,P,2+G+K,P:P. This combo is inspired by a match where I actually lost because the combo floats the opponent and Akira lands earlier, hence the defeated Akira lending into the continue screen. It’s awesome that the first sequence is guaranteed as long as the first hit is a CH. I have been abusing this in competitive play.

2: (4+P)CH P,2,1,4+P B! 3+G+K,P,4,6,6+P+K,2+P,4,6+P. One of the discoveries I found post Shihan is Akira’s 4+P,P or P+K string follow ups. Note the ending, it’ll become more important later on.

3: CH 6,6,6+P,2+P,4,3+P B! P, G+K:K. I actually had no Super Dashing Elbow (SDE) combos in Shihan, so I address that in this one. The 2+P must be timed like most 2+P follow up combos.

4: Blaze does 7+G+P+K, 6,6+K,P,2,1,4+P B! 3+G+K,P,4,6,6+P+K wall 2+P,4,6+P,G+K:K. One of my own discoveries, I found out if you hit Blaze whilst he does his wall cling move, you can get a higher juggle height. Note unlike in combo 2, I was able to get a 1 frame knee at the end, I believe this was because of the higher height.

5: (3+G+K)CH P+K,3+G+K,P,4,6,6+P+K. Yep, Akira can stuff low punch spammers too LOL.

6: 6,4+G+P,dash,2+G+K,P,2+P,4,6+P. A more damaging combo on light weights off Akira’s 6,4+G+P throw.

7: (2,6+P):P, 2,1,4+P B! 2,6+P:P. I wanted a combo that started and ended the same. Lots of just frames in this one.

8: Sabaki 4+G+P+K,P, 2+G+K,P wall 2,1,4+P B! 3+G+K,P,4,6,6+P+K, 4,6,6+P+K. I could of end this combo many different ways but I really just wanted the double body check ender for variation.

9: (4+P)P wall, 1+P, 4+P,P. Not the fanciest combo, the story behind this is I actually tried to do 4+P,P,1+P,G+K:K wall G+K,P but it just wouldn’t combo after the first time I accidentally got it. LOL as it stands, I’m happy with this one cause it’s something different and keeps with the theme of ending with the same move on Sarah (combo 7).

10: (4+P)P+K,2+P,6,6+K,K wall 4,6,6+P+K. I kind of faded the ender out but I liked how it blended so I kept it as is.

11: 3+P+K,4,6+P wall G+K:K, 3+G+K,P,4,6,6+P+K. Had this one in there to illustrate how killing with a combo can sometimes break a wall. It was originally supposed to tie with a lyric but I change my mind for song choice at the last minute.

12: Dural does 7+G+P+K,(6,6+P) BT, 2+P B! 2+G+K,P:P. Once again, thanks to the research I did, I found that characters can go under Dural or Blaze as they do their wall cling move and put your opponent on an ‘invisible’ wall and you will end up Back turned. Also I always believed that Akira’s BT 2+P would B! but I was never able to find away of utilizing it till this combo.

13: 6,6+P+K,G+P,G+P+K (TK) P, G+P+K, 4,3+P B! 2+G+K,P:P. I really wanted to explore TK, P a bit more in this video. I kept this one because I actually use G+P+K outside of his Stun Palm of Doom combo.

14: CH G+K:K, G+K,charge P B! 3+G+K,P,4,6,6+P+K. I tried to time the combo hits with the bells of the song. I think it was pretty close. Also G+K,charge P B! in mid air combo? I had to showcase that

15: 1+P,6,hold,P,4,3+P B! 2+G+K,P,G+K:K. Inspired by Bullrage’s find that you can combo Eileen off a back slide knock-down, I tried to find what Akira could do.

16: (2,6+P):P wall G+K:K,2,1,4+P B! 3+G+K,P,4,6,6+P+K, 2+P,4,6+P wall G+K:K. Again exploring how to get a G+K:K even after a 2+P,4,6+P. You need to do a slight side walk towards the wall and the opponent needs to perform a mid to get this set-up. Again tried to match the hits with the rhythm of the song.

17: Dural does 7+G+P+K, (6,6+P) BT, 4+G+P+K, 2,1,4+P B! 3+G+K,P,4,6,6+P+K. Easily one of my favorite discoveries. Once again makes himself back turned (something he can’t do normally) and is able to get his off the wall kick.

18: Sabaki 4+G+P+K,P, 2+P, G+K:K, 2,1,4+P B! 3+G+K,P,4,6,6+P+K, 2+P,4,6+P wall G+K:K. The reason why I believe this needed the final combo was the G+K:K in the middle re-floating so well. It just looked sexy to me. Oh and getting the 2 piece ender instead of one or the other hah.

Source: Apocryphic Visions

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