Divekick Finds Publisher; One True Game Studios Closes Kickstarter, Still Honoring Backer Rewards

By on July 31, 2012 at 6:24 pm

Earlier today, the folks over at One True Game Studios updated the Divekick Kickstarter with some great news. While they aren’t able to divulge any specifics at this point in time, the indie game has officially found a publisher that will help fund development and distribute the game to the public. While the Kickstarter bypassed its goal a little ways back, Keits and crew have decided to officially cancel the donation stream and will not be taking the money.

But no need to worry about the backer incentives. They’ve decided that they will still honor those who offered their support as a token of their gratitude. Some things have moved around or changed slightly, so be sure to read the new rundown below for information on what you can look forward to contributing to the project.

Please note that while the initial message may make it seem like the t-shirts were removed from the list of incentives, they most definitely have not. They will eventually be open to anyone, regardless of donation amount, at a reduced price.

Though we will be canceling the Kickstarter, and thus will not be taking your money, we are going to make good on most of your offers to back us. Though we cannot honor game pre-orders or mail out T-shirts without taking money in, we do want each of the 800+ of you willing to back our game to be able to have some ownership in it. Check below to see your specific backer level and in what way we will honor it, and then check your Kickstarter Private Messages and reply to us to get us the details we request concerning your involvement with the project.

  • Pledge Level 1 – $10 – Though we cannot honor a pre-order, we would like to thank you all by letting you suggest a “Tip From Uncle Sensei” for our loading screen.
  • Pledge Level 2 – $25 – Because we are letting people who pledged $10 submit a Tip, we are going to let anyone who pledged $25 or more suggest up to 3 “Tips From Uncle Sensei”.
  • Pledge Level 3 – $50 – This one is the trickiest. No matter what your pledge level, if you want to get your hands on one of these shirts, we are going set up a shirt-pre-order form (just for the backer shirt, not the game) where you can still get one at a massively reduced price. We don’t care about the profit here, so they will be around 15 dollars + shipping and handling. Though anyone will be able to order a shirt, no matter what their pledge level, those who pledged $50 or more will have their names added to the special thanks section of the game’s credits.
  • Pledge Level 4 – $100 – We don’t take a dime, but you guys are generous as hell, so we’ll drop your names in the special thanks and upgrade you to the $200 reward and let you add your own color pallet to the character of your choice, and you’ll get to name the color!
  • Pledge Level 5 – $200 – You guys are super generous! We’ll let you choose and name three color pallets each for the three separate characters of your choice.
  • Pledge Level 6 – $300 – In addition to the above, you guys still get to appear in a new background in the game. We’ll still need photos of you to work from, and you’ll need to sign some paperwork, but everything is a go!
  • Pledge Level 7 – $3000 – We love you guys. We’ve already discussed your playable character additions, though we haven’t announced who they are. Fear not. You can keep your cash and we’ll make your awesome characters anyway. We’ll be in touch as that process continues.

They also revealed some new cast additions within the past few weeks: Dr. Victoria Shoals and Uncle Sensei. The former is affected by a Footdive infection on her face, while the latter is the mysterious instructor of the two main characters. With these, the incentive characters, and the possibility of others, the cast is just one of the many things that players will see updates to in the finished product.

Keep your eyes focused on the One True Game Studios official website for future developments.


Source: Divekick Kickstarter