Street Fighter X Tekken Character Introductions for Sakura, Blanka, Bryan and JACK-X

By on July 27, 2012 at 9:58 am

With the release of the Street Fighter X Tekken balance update and additional characters coming next week on July 31, Capcom updated the official SFXTK blog with information on the last four characters to be introduced: Sakura, Blanka, Bryan and JACK-X. You can find the blog updates from the past several weeks below:

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Sakura is a character with high-damage link combos who is at her best in close range battles.

Shouoken is a special move where Sakura moves forward then releases an uppercut while leaping in the air. It has fast start-up and long reach, so you can connect with the move in a variety of combos. In the corner, Sakura can follow up the Light and Medium versions after landing.

During the special move Shunpukyaku, Sakura leaps with a parabola-like trajectory and performs a spinning kick. The M and H versions knock down on hit, and with the L version, Sakura can link into fast attacks after the hit. The EX version kicks the opponent in the air with the last hit and can be comboed after.

Sakura takes a giant leap forward and strikes from above the opponent’s head with both arms in the special move Sakura Otoshi. It causes bound damage when hitting a grounded opponent, while against air opponents she can “leap frog” the opponent, climbing higher while attacking up to 3 times. If Sakura lands without attacking, the move leaves her wide open, so use the move in combos or when it can’t be dodged. The EX version covers full-screen and homes in on the opponent, allowing Sakura to threaten projectile characters.

F+MK, or Flower Kick, is a mid-attack (overhead), so can’t be blocked while crouching. She moves forward while releasing the attack, so she can hit guard-frozen opponents even from a bit of distance.

Cr.HP comes out fast and you can combo into the move from light attacks and L Shunpukyaku. It also has a strong upward hit box, making it useful as the primary anti-air attack.


Blanka specializes in hit-and-run tactics with his fast movements.

The special move Electric Thunder covers Blanka’s entire body with electricity as an attack. The move has fast start-up and the entire upper body is a hitbox, allowing him to beat the opponent’s moves as they start. However, Blanka is helpless to attacks at the feet so be cautious where you use the move.

Rolling Attack is a special move where Blanka spins while charging forward. The move downs the opponent on hit, but has large recovery if blocked. The EX version has projectile invincibility, and causes a wall bound on hit.

During the special move Vertical Roll Blanka spins while charging diagonally upward. The EX version has start-up invincibility.

St.HK floats the opponent on hit allowing for a follow-up.

When diagonal jump HP lands as a counter-hit on an airborne opponent, the move causes a bound which can be comboed after.


Bryan uses his forward-charging special moves to rush down the opponent.

The special move Mach Punch is a forward-moving straight punch. The EX version has armor and causes wall bound damage on hit.

Bryan swings with a massive uppercut during the special move Atomic Blow. With additional inputs, the M and H versions lift the opponent in the air then slams them into the ground with Atomic Throw. Bryan can combo after Atomic Throw. The EX version on start-up is invincibility to everything but throws, making it excellent as an interrupt.

With the special Flying Knee, Bryan leaps forward, striking the opponent with a knee attack. On top of its fast speed and far leap, the move is invincible to projectiles while in the air, allowing Bryan to constantly pressure projectile characters. When the move doesn’t hit as a combo, it becomes unblockable. While it is an extremely powerful move, it won’t hit crouching opponents, leaving Bryan exposed with its long recovery. Use the move with a timing that won’t be read by the opponent.

Chopping Elbow, done with F+MP, is a mid attack and thus can’t be blocked from a crouch. You can link after the hit with fast start-up attacks.

Jump HP causes a bound against air opponents, allowing for a follow-up.


JACK-X is a character that overwhelms the opponent with the power and reach of his weapons.

Rocket Upper is a diagonally upward uppercut special move. The L, M and H have vastly different properties. The L version has no invincibility but floats the opponent straight up, making it easy to combo after. The M version is invincible on start-up to everything save throws, while the H version is completely invincible. The L, M and H versions all can nullify projectiles.

The special move Atomic Shoulder Tackle is a forward-charging body attack. The L, M, H have differing forward range, and the H version has armor. On top of having armor, the EX version causes wall bound damage on hit.

During the special move Gigaton Punch, JACK-X moves forward slightly while releasing a straight. The move is simply a hit and nothing more, but utilizing its reach you can attack the opponent from outside of sweep range.

During a jump, pressing up activates Dive Bomber, and is a unique attack that causes JACK to hover for a fixed amount of time. The move has armor attached but has no actual hitbox.

If you press Down during Dive Bomber, drops from air, attacking the opponent with Hip Press. Depending on the input timing of the move during Dive Bomber, the attack changes how the opponent is floated, and with a well-placed hit can be comboed after.

F+LK, Grenade Stomp, is a mid attack so can’t be blocked while crouching.

Over the past four weeks, we introduced the balance changes and new characters. How do you like them?

We think that regardless of the character, everyone will have fun with the game, so please enjoy SFXTK.

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