Atlus Confirms Existence of Persona 4 Arena’s Network Issues on Xbox 360, Currently Looking into the Source

By on July 27, 2012 at 1:26 am

After Persona 4 Arena’s recent release in Japan, rumors began to circulate that the Xbox 360 version suffered from some severe network lag issues. An official Atlus statement regarding these problems was just released that confirms their existence, and while it’s unfortunate that these are tangible issues, it’s good to see the publisher addressing them in a timely manner. Andriasang is reporting that the staff is currently looking into the source of this “greater-than-expected” lag, and will provide a follow-up report of their findings in the near future.

Many of you may remember the company becoming personally involved when similar issues were found in the North American release of King of Fighters XIII. A patch was released soon after that alleviated some of those network problems. Whether or not a fix can be found before the game is released in the States on August 7th remains to be seen.

Source: Atlus via Andrisang