Dream Cancel Interviews Korea’s Cafe:ID Including EVO 2012 KOFXIII Champion Mad KOF

By on July 22, 2012 at 9:19 am

Out of all the matches played during finals day at EVO 2012, Cafe:Id|Mad KOF’s win over IGL|BALA had to be one of the most exciting. King of Fighters community site Dream Cancel recently got a chance to interview Mad KOF and other members of the Cafe:Id on the championship and their experiences at EVO 2012.  Here are a few excerpts:

Mad KOF: My name is Kwang-No Lee. I started playing KoF98 with friends at arcades just like everyone else. KoF98 was a really fun game to play. I had a team named “RealMad” back in KoF99. Friends called me by my Korean name instead of “madkof” until KoF2001. Japanese players added “(akuma)” to “madkof” after a KoF2001 team match between Japan and Korea. I liked it and kept using it. I play KoF for 3~4 hours once every 2~3 days. I have constantly played the KoF series on the Korean stream website “Afreeca TV” since 2007. Before KoFXIII was released, I had played KoF98, 2000, and 02 on my stream. I spend the rest of my time on my job and real life stuff.

My toughest opponents were Luis Cha, Reynald, and BALA. Luis Cha was much stronger than any other opponent I played on the first day of the tournament. I underestimated him a little bit in the first game because I had an easier time winning until I played against him. Reynald was my first opponent in the Top 8. I was really nervous and had a tough time playing against Reynald. As expected from the best in North America, BALA was very skilled and was a tough opponent.

If KoFXIII makes a return, I will try to participate in EVO2013 as well. EVO2012 was an exciting and wonderful tournament. I never knew that so many people loved the KoF series. There are not many people who like KoFXIII because of its bad online play in Korea. If KoFXIII had a good online play just like GGPO, many more people would play the game and the team size would be bigger.

Read the entire interview over at Dream Cancel.

Source: Dream Cancel, images via Karaface, tip via Daniel S.

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