Street Fighter x Tekken – 966 Damage Cross Assault Combo by GimR

By on July 18, 2012 at 3:28 am

Raw tagging in any game is always a huge gamble. It’s a dangerous way to get a lot of damage thrown your way– and yet the punishes for a raw tag in Street Fighter x Tekken always seem to be on the lighter side for many players. There’s a lot more hurt you can put on your opponent for taking that gamble, and GimR has the quintessential example laid out in front of us: a Cross Assault combo with Law and Hugo that nets around 966 damage. It’s almost enough to kill a character, or at least dissuade somebody from being careless with their tags. It might be a good idea to save a meter or two from now on to get out of dodge, or you may just be handing someone a free round.

Source: Video Game Boot Camp

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