coL.CC Filipino Champ Takes the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 EVO 2012 Championship Title

By on July 8, 2012 at 10:02 pm

The Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 tournament at EVO 2012 has been full of upsets and surprises. You have a group of players in top eight who have been extremely consistent this year and were all favorites to make it this far, but you also have a few wildcard players tearing up the competition.

Set 1 – ytwojay vs TA Frutsy

Finals day opened with a player introduction video by Gootecks and Mike Ross, and lead right into a losers bracket elimination match between ytwojay and TA Frutsy. Frutsy lead off the set with an impresive MODOK only victory, running out ytwojay’s X-factor with flight and a smile. Game two started similarly, but ytwojay’s Spencer was able to take MODOK out of the picture, leaving Frutsy with his Captain America/Taskmaster duo to clean up.

After two losses, ytwojay took the game back to character select to breath for a moment, but returned to his Wolverine/Spencer/Magneto team for another attempt. He caught MODOK early and X-factored to kill him, but dropped his combo twice and let MODOK live. He didn’t let this phase him and battled back with his Spencer to win game three. In game four, the two went back and forth for nearly 15 seconds until Frutsy’s MODOK caught Wolverine and Magneto in a happy birthday situation. Even an X-factored Spencer couldn’t save him from Frutsy, and ytwojay was eliminated from the tournament in 7th place.

Set 2 – FC NYChrisG vs EG Justin Wong

The next match was between FC NYChrisG and EG Justin Wong. Both of these players are favorites to win the tournament, but met each other in the losers bracket where one of them would end their run in the tournament. ChrisG started the set with a non-Morrigan team selection, rocking his Ryu/Wesker/Hawekeye instead. Justin’s Spencer and Frank West were X-factor happy birthday’ed early by Chris’ Ryu, but Spencer survived, allowing Justin to even the health bars with his Vergil/Spencer duo.

Chris’ Wesker slipped a hit in against Justin after a ranged battle and took game one. Justin lead game two with his Spencer doing massive damage to Ryu, and then landing a nice team combo against Hawkeye for the kill and to level Frank to 5. It was once again Chris G’s Wesker/Ryu that landed the hit against Justin’s Vergil to take game two. Justin was on the ropes and went to character select to choose Wolverine/Akuma/Storm. Justin recognized the Wesker problem and snapped him in for a kill, and his X-factor lasted long enough to deal significant damage to Chris’ Hawkeye as well. Chris managed to take out Akuma, but Justin’s Storm was able to take game three.

Game four started with Chris G switching to his feared Akuma/Doom/Morrigan team. Justin was able to tag Doom for a lot of damage, but Chris G patiently let him heal while building meter to DHC to Morrigan in mirror mode. Justin found his way in and X-factored to kill Morrigan, and took out Akuma as well. Justin tried to attack Chris’ Doom with patience to avoid an X-factor guard cancel, but was eventually caught by an air throw and lost his Storm. Akuma only survived for seconds before Doom caught him as well. Justin was eliminated in 7th place.

Set 3 – LXG Infrit vs Flocker

Next up, we visited the winner’s side of the bracket with a match between LXG Infrit and Flocker. Infrit’s Nova took Flocker’s famous Zero out early, and then his Spencer removed Flocker’s Hawkeye from the equation as well. Flocker’s Vergil used X-factor and Spiral Swords to put Infrit’s Spencer and Nova away, but was caught with a Sentinel crouching M for the loss. Game two looked a little more familiar, with Flocker using Zero’s buster to take down Nova. Infrit landed a throw against Zero but let him live, and it cost him Nova. His Spencer used X-factor to take out Hawkeye as an assist, and in a huge Hyper/X-factor moment, the two found themselves back to the Vergil/Sentinel matchup. Infrit once again landed the hit and took game two.

Flocker took a breather before game three, but it didn’t seem to help. Infrit patiently waited for an opportunity to catch Zero with a quick Nova air dash overhead to take him out with a stylish combo. Hawkeye didn’t last long, and it was up to Flocker’s X-Factor 3 Vergil to clean up. He was denied quickly by Infrit’s Spencer, who also X-factored for the kill and the win. Flocker was sent to losers 3-0.

Set 4 – coL.CC Combofiend vs coL.CC Filipino Champ

The next set was a battle between teammates from the Complexity/Cross Counter camp; Combofiend and Filipino Champ would face off for the right to play against Infrit in the Winners Finals. They hugged it out pre-match, and then put on their serious faces for the contest to come. Champ is one of the few remaining successful Phoenix players, and it would be up to Combofiend to enact a gameplan to deal with the bird. He landed a throw with his Nova early and snapped in Champ’s Phoenix. She did not escape, and Champ was left with his Doom and Magneto. Doom and Magneto fell to some tricky Nova overheads, and Combo took game one without much trouble.

Game two had Champ dropping Phoenix for Dormammu right away. Combo tried to patiently find his way through Champ’s Disruptor/Missle zoning, but got caught and lost his Nova. His Spencer went down quickly as well, leaving him to attempt an X-factor Hawkeye comeback against Champ’s team. Combo unloaded chip damage and Gimlets ask quickly as possible and ened up in a near even match with Champ’s Magneto, but Magneto scored another crucial hit and finished Hawkeye with a Gravity Squeeze. Game two for Champ.

In Game three, we saw yet another character change. Combofiend moved to his tricky She-Hulk/Spencer/Taskmaster team to try and take the next game. An early throw with She-Hulk lead to a quick death for Champ’s Magneto, and then a command throw into a hard tag to Spencer lead to an even quicker death for Dormammu. Champ’s Doom played keepaway just long enough to catch Combo’s She-Hulk with a corner combo, and then landed a Foot Dive on Combo’s incoming Taskmaster. Both players had X-factor remaining, ensuring that the next hit would be the last, but both blew it keeping themselves alive instead. Combo landed four hits that could have ended the match, but dropped each followup and ran the clock instead, winning by time over and taking game three.

Champ did what any reasonable man would do and accepted the boo’s from the crowd as he went back to his Phoenix team. “Combofiend, Combofiend”, chanted the crowd. Combo got a early happy birthday against Champ’s Magneto/Doom, but was unable to complete. Champ’s Magneto landed a throw on She-Hulk and built more than enough meter to ensure that we’d be seeing Dark Phoenix this game. Magneto landed a hit against Taskmaster and did a side TAC combo and spent one meter with Doom for the kill. A sick gravitation mixup with Missiles against Combo’s incoming Spencer spelled defeat for him in Game four.

With the set tied at two/two, Combo went back to character select again to switch to his Phoenix killing team of Nova/Spencer/Hawkeye. The two team mates shook hands again and started the final match of their set. Combo’s Nova landed a throw against Champ’s Magneto, and then snapped in Phoenix. He failed to kill her this time, and she escaped leaving Magneto back in the front of Champ’s team. Combo landed a beam super happy birthday against Magneto/Doom with his Nova and X-factored, but didn’t kill either character. After taking out Doom and Magneto, Dark Phoenix arose and captured victory for Champ. The crowd… was not happy.

Set 5 – FC NyChrisG vs Flocker

Zero is widely regarded as the best character in the game, but he has as much trouble as anyone with the Morrigan/Doom combo. Flocker’s Zero was on his last legs when he landed a hit and used his lightning loop combo to take out Morrigan. Doom followed shortly thereafter, and a lightning mixup against Chris G’s incoming Akuma gave Flocker game one without using X-factor.

In game two, Flocker’s Zero fell easily to Morrigan’s Soul Fists and Doom’s Missiles. Flocker’s Vergil used X-factor and Devil Trigger to catch Morrigan in a combo, but he failed to kill her. Chris tagged out and eventually took out Vergil and Strider to win game two. Game three started with Flocker landing an important hit on Morrigan, but dropping the subsequent combo. Zero got hit by a Morrigan air S, and Chris G attempted a TAC to Doom to finish him off, but Flocker guessed correctly and broke out of the TAC and got his Vergil in. A second hit and TAC attempt left Flocker’s Vergil in a Doom combo, and he eventually fell to a DHC back to Morrigan. Strider was opened up by a quick Morrigan fly into S and game three went to Chris G.

With his tournament life on the line, Flocker acted like the hero of the room and quickly took Chris G’s Morrigan out of the picture. The room and stream chat both rejoiced. A few lightning loops later and Doom was also KO’ed, but a brilliant block by Chris G gave him an opportunity to air throw Zero and combo for a kill. Flocker’s Vergil dropped a game ending combo to give Chris G another chance with his 20% Akuma vs his full Strider. One air throw and one mixup later, Chris G advanced, eliminating Flocker in 5th place.

Set 6 – coL.CC Combofiend vs TA Frutsy

Our sixth set would leave us with disappointment at either result, as fan favorites TA Frutsy and coL.CC Combofiend faced off to eliminate one another in the losers bracket and earn the right to face FC NYChris G. Frutsy started strong, taking out both Nova and Hawkeye with his MODOK, but a smart Bionic Arm and X-factor from Combo took the unorthodox character out. Frutsy brought it back with Taskmaster and Captain America to take game one.

Frutsy’s MODOK got hit by Nova early in game two and killed by a DHC into Spencer. NOVA game back in and scored a successful incoming mixup against Cap, but did not finish the job. Frutsy DHC’ed Taskmaster in, but was hit multiple times and eventually lost the character, leaving him with only Captain America. He didn’t even X-factor, and Combo guessed right to press a button coming in to finish Frutsy off and take game two.

Frutsy lead off with another nice hit and some keepaway in game three, but eventually got caught with a Nova air grab and lost his MODOK. Cap and Taskmaster fell right after to Nova mixups, leaving Frutsy one game away from elimination. Another early combo gave Frutsy the lead, but Combo saw through MODOK’s inability to attack low quickly and guarded the high enough to find an opportunity to take MODOK out once again. Frutsy blew X-factor early to kill Nova, and then wrestled for a bit with Combo’s Spencer/Hawkeye before losing his Taskmaster. Frutsy hunted for the Charging Star he would need to take out Hawkeye, but got caught with an overhead from Spencer into a Gimlet DHC and was eliminated from the tournament in 5th place.

Set 7 – coL.CC Combofiend vs FC NYChrisG

Chris G has become a villain in the UMvC3 community due to his use of Morrigan/Doom, but he lead off against Combo’s She-Hulk team with his Akuma on point. He caught her and TAC’ed to Doom, and then finished the combo with a knockdown into a DHC to Morrigan’s Astral Vision. Combo has all three of his characters under half health when he landed a much needed hit with Spencer, but was unable to finish and kill off Morrigan. A few Soul Fists and Hidden Missiles later, Combo had lost game one.

In game two, a short back and forth ended with She-Hulk using her anti-air grab super against Akuma to take him out. Chris G was unphased, and quickly caught Combo’s She-Hulk with a Doom Time level 3. Taskmaster barely escaped the Missile/Fireball spam with his life, and a bad Bionic Arm cost Combo his Spencer. A few seconds later, the true power of Hidden Missiles appeared as Combo landed an X-factored super to kill Doom, only to be killed a moment later by the missiles he had already launched.

Combofiend switched back to his Nova/Spencer/Hawkeye team to try to save his tournament life. He took out Akuma once again, but lost his Nova to another Doom combo ending in a Level 3. This didn’t leave Chris G with a lot of meter to spend on Morrigan’s Astral Vision, but Chris G created an opening and used a few TACs to build massive meter to fuel Morrigan’s madness. Combo brought Hawkeye in to take a shot at Morrigan, but he too was caught in a mixup and killed. It was up to Combo’s 15% health Spencer to make a little comeback magic, and with some luck, Combo was able to take game three.

Game four started with Combo losing his Nova right away, leaving Spencer to Wire Grapple around the stage to avoid Morrigan’s fireballs. He managed to tag her once, but eventually had to DHC out to Hawkeye to save Spencer’s life. Could level 3 Spencer make this comeback twice in a row? Chris G’s screen filling team said no, and Combofiend was eliminated from the tournament in 4th place.

Set 8 – coL.CC Filipino Champ vs LXG Infrit

Two villains remain, and only one hero. With Deadpool watching over them closely, Infrit prepared to defend the crowd from Champ’s Phoenix. Champ landed an early Magneto combo to build a ton of meter, but Infrit’s Nova landed a throw, snapped in Phoenix, and ended her before she could reach five meters. Hidden Missiles came into play once again and cost Infrit his Spencer, and his injured Nova went down quickly thereafter. But god bless the machine, as Infrit made yet another absurd Sentinel comeback with X-factor to take game one.

Game two started almost exactly like game one, but Infrit opted to kill Magneto instead of snapping in Phoenix. After landing a bit hit on Doom, he did snap her in, but failed to kill her this time. Doom returned to play and built enough meter to ensure that we’d see Dark Phoenix once again. Right after yelling “I CAN’T CONTROL IT”, Champ X-Factored early and then was caught by Infrit’s team super, which instantly killed the fragile Jean Grey.

The crowd chanted “Lets go So-Cal” as they hoped for 3-0 victory for their hero Infrit. Champ stuck to his guns with his Phoenix team, but spent a meter to kill off Nova. He quickly built it back after hitting Spencer and then reset him for big damage. A few moments later, Sentinel fell and Champ took game three. Champ looked worried, but Infrit looked unphased. Game four saw Infrit basically handing Champ meter, letting him land two consecutive down TACs as Magneto and Doom dismantled his team. A show-off moment from Champ allowed Infrit’s Sentinel the moment he needed to take Magneto out, but he chose not to pop X-factor to fight Doom and was hit with Doom’s jumping H laser into combo for the kill.

With it all tied up in this winner’s finals set, Infrit took a moment on the character select screen to collect himself before starting the final game of the set with a bit hit into a kill from his Nova. An air grab lead to a snapback, but Phoenix escaped with her life. Infrit scored another hit against the incoming Doom and snapped Phoenix in again, this time getting the kill and leaving Champ with just 30% health on his Doom. This was not enough, and Infrit, one of top 8’s surprise contenders, advanced to grand finals on the winner’s side, leaving the two villains to face and eliminate each other.

Set 10 – coL.CC Filipino Champ vs FC NYChrisG

Champ lead off with his Dormammu team against Chris G’s Hawkeye/Morrigan/Doom, knowing that Morrigan can cause big problems for Phoenix teams. He made short work of Hawkeye and Doom, but Chris G’s Morrigan landed a hit and killed Magneto with a combo into her level 3 hyper. He used Astral Vision to chip Dormammu to death, but some clever movement and a well timed hyper from Champ’s Doom nabbed him game one.

Chris G hit rematch, opting to keep Hawkeye on point instead of switching in his Akuma. Hawkeye got tagged by Magneto once again and was killed by a DHC into Dormammu. Champ got Dormammu out by summoning meteors and hard tagging in Doom, opting to face Chris in the Doom mirror match. Chris got Morrigan in to start her normal Astral Vision and Missiles zoning, as Champ used the power of flight mode to let her drain her own meter. ChrisG threw out an accidental full screen snapback, costing him a meter, but continued his gameplan, bombarding Champ’s team with projectiles until he took game two.

Hawkeye finally landed a hit at the start of game three and reduced Magneto to bench status. Dormammu came into try to handle the problem, and both players ended up using their X-factor early in kill attempts that didn’t work out. Morrigan finally came back out as Chris G continued running his gameplan on Champ. Champ attemped a few hypers to take out Doom or Morrigan, but kept getting hit in the back with Astral Soul Fists. Chris G’s Hawkeye came in to finish the job with a TAC to Doom, and Chris G took game three without losing a character.

Filipino Champ took a moment to drink some water before hitting rematch and starting game four with a happy birthday. The crowd, seeing Champ as the lesser of two evils, cheered, but Champ dropped the happy birthday and didn’t kill either character. A bit later in the match, Champ opted to snap in Hawkeye. He used X-factor and was able to use his Dormammu to take out Morrigan as Hawkeye healed up. Champ ran a chip damage game of his own to take out the rest of Chris G’s team to take game four, leading us into the fifth and final game of the set.

Which player would earn the right to face Infrit for the EVO 2012 world title? Chris G lead with a convincing argument for himself, as he performed a TAC combo that lead into an Astral Vision setup that cost Champ his Magneto. Chris tagged in Hawkeye, who was quickly defeated by Dormammu. Champ resumed his Dormammu spell and tower strategy to try to prevent Doom from even coming out to support Morrigan with missiles. Both player’s used X-factor to try to stop each other, and a few throws and mixups from Morrigan cost Champ his Dormammu. Champ waited patiently and threw a Sphere Flame, and Chris G chose to tag Doom into it. The energy raining from the sky hit Chris’ Doom and let Champ combo him for the kill. Morrigan fell into play with pixels left, and she also fell quickly to chip damage from Champ’s Photon Array and Plasma Beam. Chris G was eliminated, taking third place, and Champ would advance to the Grand Finals for a rematch against Infrit.

Grand Finals – coL.CC Filipino Champ vs LXG Infrit

Grand finals would be a rematch from the winners finals, as Infrit would attempt to beat Champ in a second first to three set. Champ recognized Infrit’s Sentinel as a problem and snapped him in for a kill, and then convincingly put the rest of Infrit’s team away to take game one. Infrit hit rematch to take on Champ’s Dormammu team once again, and got caught by Magneto right away. One more grab into a TAC later and Infrit was left without his Nova. His Spencer landed a crucial hit against Dormammu, but he attempted a TAC. Champ read it and broke it, then blocked a team hyper and killed off Spencer. Infrit’s Sentinel was unable to make the comeback, giving Champ a two game lead.

If Champ could win just one more game, he’d send Infrit to losers and reset the score, forcing another first to three set between the two. Infrit fought for a clean hit, but was once again throw and killed by Champ’s Magneto. Spencer block the incoming mixup and was able to kill Magneto off, but Infrit attempted a Bionic Arm to kill off Champ’s Doom assist that ended with him losing his X-factor and his Sentinel. Champ took game three convincingly, sending us into the final set of the tournament.

In game one of set two, Infrit landed a very important first hit, but dropped his combo and failed to kill off Magneto. He tried to chip him out a bit later, but Champ used a variable counter to save him and put Dormammu in play. Infrit caught up with Dormammu a few moments later and put him and Doom away, but Champ’s Magneto remained with a bit less than 20% health and his X-factor intact. Champ killed off Infrit’s Spencer, but eventually fell to Nova, giving Infrit his first game in Grand Finals.

Game two started with what looked like a happy birthday for Infrit, but the crowd quickly realized that Magneto was blocking, and Champ turned the situation around quickly to take Nova out. Still, Doom was critically injured, so Champ blew his X-factor on the next hit to take Spencer out quickly and let Doom heal up a bit. A great read (or reaction?) to an assist call let Infrit’s Sentinel Force and X-factor help him take out Dormammu and injure Magneto, but his chip damage attempt against the incoming Magneto was not enough, as champ landed a hit and finished with a Gravity Squeeze to take the game.

Infrit started the next game but creating what looked like a great opportunity for himself, but he didn’t respect Champ’s Hidden Missiles and ended up losing his Nova yet again. Infrit caught Champ’s Dormammu in the corner with his Spencer, but didn’t have enough meter to finish the job due to his earlier use of a team hyper to try to kill an assist. Spencer was eventually lost, and Infrit was left to make another Sentinel level 3 comeback. He landed quite a few stray hits before getting DHCed, but he lived through it and command grabbed Champ, and then caught his incoming character for the kill to leave him only one game away from the title of EVO champion.

In game four, both players aimed to kill the other’s important assists. Both of them took major damage, but it was Infrit who lost his Nova first, and his Spencer fell quickly to Champ’s Dormammu. No stranger to Sentinel comebacks, Infrit scored a hit against Magneto for the kill, then a mixup against Dormammu to even things up, but Champ’s Doom came to the rescue and tied up the set.

EVO 2012 Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Final game. Final set. Grand finals. Infrit vs Champ. One game left to decide the champion. The crowd chanted Infrit’s name once again, and the ballroom roared with excitement. Champ’s Missiles got him an early hit, and then a DHC happy birthday helped him critically injure most of Infrit’s team. Infrit’s Spencer battled back but dropped several important combos against Dormammu, and then his Nova TAC attempt was broken by Champ once again. One last chance to make a Sentinel comeback, but neither player had X-factor left as Champ’s Dormammu/Doom rained chip damage hell upon Infrit, forcing him to use a TK Harddrive and hand Champ the win and the title of EVO 2012 Champion. Champ shed the most manly tears of all time as his hand was raised into the air.