Cafe ID’s Mad KOF Becomes EVO’s First King of Fighters XIII Champion at the EVO 2012 World Championships

By on July 8, 2012 at 6:32 pm

If you aren’t one of the over 90,000 viewers watching the EVO 2012 stream, Cafe ID’s Mad KOF just became EVO’s very first King of Fighters XIII champion. The game held one of the most stacked and international brackets at EVO 2012,  making his win all the more spectacular. While it wasn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination, Mad KOF held it down against IGL|BALA, working his way from losers and resetting the grand finals thanks to his stifling Duo Lon play.

Huge shout outs to the global King of Fighters community for showing up in an amazing way and making the tournament one of the most hype we’ve seen this weekend. We would like to extend our congratulations to Mad KOF on this amazing accomplishment. The entire group of top 32 placers is included below, and you can also check out the match results in our official coverage hub.


1. CafeID|Mad KOF (Duo Lon/Chin/Kim)
2. IGL|BALA (Billy/Takuma/Shen, Ralf/Takuma/Shen, Clark/Takuma/Shen, Benimaru/Shen/Takuma)
3. CafeID|Verna (EX Iori/Duo Lon/Kim, King/Duo Lon/Kim)
4. CafeID|Gutts (EX Iori, Saiki, Vice, Mr. Karate/Shen/EX Iori, EX Iori/Saiki/Shen)
5. vVv.TC|Romance (King/Benimaru/Yuri, King/Hwa/Benimaru)
5. CafeID|Lacid (Ash/Kyo/Kim)
7. AS|Reynald (Mr. Karate/Benimaru/Kim)
7. Yang Yao Ren (Mr. Karate/Mature/Hwa)

9. Zero Black (Kyo/Terry/Kim)
9. Kyabetsu (Mr. Karate/Hwa/Mature)
9. El Rosa (Billy/Mature/Shen)
9. MCZ|Tokido (Mr. Karate/Hwa/Iori)
13. TC|The Beast (Billy/Shen/Iori)
13. TH|Poongko (EX Iori/Mr. Karate/Kyo)
13. Fox (Mr. Karate/Ryo/Chin)
13. BBZ (Hwa/Daimon/Shen)

17. MCZ|Mago (Mr. Karate/Hwa/Shen)
17. eLivePro|Mr. KOF
17. IGL|The Answer
17. Kaoru
17. Kanibalito
17. RyRy
17. Ihab
17. Ricardo Diaz

25. Haitani (Daimon/Shen/Mr. Karate)
25. Junya
25. Raul
25. Pain
25. Kusanagi
25. TC|ChrisKOF
25. Jose Pettis
25. DMG.MCZ|Juicebox

(images courtesy of Karaface)