Community Panels from UFGT 8 – Spooky, Local Community Building, A Study in Defensive Play, and More

By on July 3, 2012 at 12:43 pm

The folks over at Focus Fire Feed recently uploaded video footage from the variety of panels available at Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 8 back in May. If you weren’t able to attend or too busy working your way through the brackets, now’s your chance to check them out. They cover a diverse set of topics, including how to build up a local community with tips from Alex Valle and Alex Jebailey, a study in defensive play hosted by Christopher “NYChrisG” Gonzalez and Kevin “Dieminion” Landon, and a history lesson on Team Spooky and streams by the man himself, Victor “Spooky” Fontanez.

Everyone behind the production of these videos offers their apologies for the lateness of this release. They will work towards making them available sooner next year.

Team Spooky – The Man Behind the Hype

The Art of Lame – A Study in Defensive Play

Local Community Building – Bringing Players Together

The Wong Factor – A History of Fundamentals

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online – GGPO & Reviving a Classic

Drive Cancel – An Introduction to KOF XIII

Source: Focus Fire Feed