Kuwait Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Tougeki 2012 Qualifier Set for July 12

By on June 30, 2012 at 7:42 pm

There are 10 proposed international spots for the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 finals at Tougeki 2012 -Super Battle Opera-. While invites have been handed out in Japan since May, the first international qualifiers are still upcoming. In the US, currently there is a UMvC3 qualifier set at Arcade UFO in Austin, Texas on July 14-15, as well as another at Super Arcade in Walnut, California on July 21, each with 2 Tougeki spots. Before both of those qualifiers however is the one in the Middle East, in Kuwait, Thursday July 12.

The qualifier, organized by FikraKW, will be at the Gulf University for Science & Technology (GUST) Main Auditorium in Mishref, Kuwait. The format is double-elimination, best 3 of 5 games, with best 4 of 7 for all finals. The top 2 placers will both claim invites for Tougeki 2012, August 4-5 (UMvC3 finals on August 5). While the travel fees to Japan are not covered by the event, there are cash prizes for the qualifier, with 1st place taking 400 Kuwaiti dinar (KWD, ~1430 USD) and 2nd place taking 200KWD (~715 USD).

How good is the Kuwait community in UMvC3? The footage is several months old, but you can watch match videos from the Kuwait Shadowloo Showdown 2012 qualifier last March on FikraKW’s YouTube channel, including the Grand Finals between Wes 211 (Zero/Doctor Doom/Hawkeye) and Mysterious (Wesker/Dante/Vergil). Two of Kuwait’s top UMvC3 players, Jin and Grand, will be attending this year’s EVO 2012. Fighting game legend Daigo Umehara has also visited Kuwait twice, receiving invitations to exhibition events for SSFIV in November 2010 and for SSFIV AE and MvC3 in September 2011.

The Kuwait UMvC3 qualifier will be July 12 and is scheduled to start at 6PM Arabia Standard Time (AST, UTC+3), 11AM EDT, 8AM PDT in the US. The event will be streamed by FikraKW on TwitchTV. For more information, check Fikra’s Facebook page.

Sources: Fikra Facebook, FikraKW YouTube