Official Evo Fightstick from MadCatz, on Sale Evo Weekend!

By on June 26, 2012 at 9:00 am

And now a message from the man who needs no intoduction, Markman from Mad Catz.

We are very proud and honored to be one of the main sponsors for EVO this year. This is our third year being at an EVO event… How do we top what we’ve done in years past? This year we are doing more for the community and it’s fans. Team Mad Catz has grown and we are supporting more events, more players and more communities than ever, all over the world. This year we are proud to have made the official EVO 2012 competitor’s shirt and provide them to each and every one of the registers players throughout the weekend.

We have also worked closely with EVO to produce a very limited edition arcade stick to commemorate EVO 2012. The EVOLUTION Arcade FightStick PRO is an ultra limited stick (only 300 of each made) that will be available for purchase for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Top placers at EVO 2012 will also have a chance to win one of these exclusive arcade sticks. More details on how we’ll be selling it will surface right before EVO! For those of you that can’t make it to EVO, don’t worry! We’ll be selling a limited amount online as well!

– MARK JULIO – [ MarkMan ] Community and Sponsorship Manager, Mad Catz, Inc.

As the official arcade stick partner of EVOLUTION 2012, Mad Catz will be supporting both ATLUS and SEGA this year by supplying them with custom FightSticks to be used at their respective booths during the EVO event!

Big thanks to Jeff and team at SEGA for working with Mad Catz to create a special Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Arcade FightStick PRO that will be displayed at the SEGA booth all weekend! Thanks to Aram and team at ATLUS for also working with Mad Catz to make these awesome Persona 4 Arena Arcade FightStick PRO units that will be displayed at the ATLUS area during EVO!

These ultra limited arcade sticks are NOT for sale! These are special arcade sticks Mad Catz put together for use at EVO 2012 only. They will not be sold or distributed.

With EVO 2012 just a little over a week away, we are very excited to reunite with the fighting game community and  ready for the exciting spectacle that makes up this much anticipated event! See you guys there!